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Workforce Communication

The Indispensable Sidekick to Scheduling Automation Scheduling automation has revolutionized the way businesses schedule their hourly workforce....

Infographic: 7 Steps to Successful Staff Shift Schedules

Shiftboard has a new infographic – Seven steps world-class organizations use to cut through the complexity of scheduling large staffs.

Staff Scheduling as a Competitive Advantage

It should come as no surprise that smart staff scheduling can be a competitive advantage. Growing headcount, newly minted laws, time-off request… Everything adds to the complexity. Businesses need help and having the right tools will create opportunities.

Should Your Company Adopt Predictive Scheduling Policies?

One out of every six employees in the U.S. works in a shift-based job with an irregular schedule. Erratic schedules transfer the cost of unforeseen downturns in customer demand from the employer onto personnel. Predictive scheduling preserves the work-life balance and financial stability of employees through fair-minded shift scheduling. Find out why employers, unions and law makers are all getting onboard.

Four Ways to Manage Your Event Staff Using QR Codes

Did you know you can use a QR code at conferences, events and festivals to handle mobile timekeeping, ID verification, & more?

5 Benefits of Using Demand Forecasting to Optimize Staff Schedules

Workplaces can use demand estimates to schedule the perfect number of employees at all times, neither understaffing peak periods nor overstaffing slow ones. Learn all about the five benefits demand forecasting can deliver to your organization.

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Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) – InCommon

 "Yes, we can do that too". People despise needing to remember lots of passwords - it's a pain - especially inside large organizations that could have hundreds (or thousands) of web, mobile, and other network-based systems. Single Sign On, (or "SSO") lets users...

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Feature Friday: Acknowledgement Tool gets an upgrade

There are certain things that are burned into my brain. One of those things is what my 8th grade teacher said during a unit on advertising. Let me paraphrase for you, “Companies will often advertise a product as being both new and improved - how can that possibly be...

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New Feature Alert! Allow Coordinators to Assign Shifts

If you've ever used the coordinator level within your teams, you know that they have limited access to the system. By design, coordinators are able to see confirmed shifts and suggest shifts to you by creating unpublished ones. We recently added the ability to allow...

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Feature Fun: Team Specific Availability

  Here at Shiftboard, we know there are many intricacies when it comes to creating a schedule and one that is well-balanced is a work of art. We know that people’s time is valuable and that you view your employees (or volunteers or contractors) as your greatest...

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