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From HCM extensions to labor demand forecasting to vacation bidding and fatigue analytics, Shiftboard’s partnerships offer tangible value beyond workforce scheduling efficiency. These are not just technical integrations; they’re strategic extensions designed to expand the reach and impact of Shiftboard’s scheduling capabilities.

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Shiftboard’s partnerships combine specialized expertise with innovative technology. Together, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to optimize labor scheduling, enhance employee well-being, and drive operational excellence.


The Shiftboard-UKG partnership is a transformative alliance, empowering enterprises to unleash greater value from their UKG Pro Workforce Management deployments (formerly UKG Workforce Dimensions). Through a secure, pre-built API integration, Shiftboard’s SchedulePro solution harnesses your rich UKG Pro WFM data to create superior schedules, taking your operational excellence to new heights.

  • Leverage Shiftboard’s exclusive scheduling capabilities to drive greater coverage, compliance, and worker satisfaction outcomes with UKG data.
  • Automatically update employee profiles with changes made in UKG Pro WFM.
  • Sync schedule shift data to UKG Pro WFM to ensure accurate time and attendance, and payroll.
  • Instantly validate time-off balances for leave request approval and update time and attendance records in UKG Pro WFM.

Integrate Zaddon’s specialized vacation bidding features for a unified platform that provides unmatched vacation bidding efficiency, approval rules compliance, and a streamlined employee experience.

  • Automate site-specific vacation bidding submission and approval processes.
  • Auto-enforce vacation bidding deadlines, employee entitlements, and approval criteria.
  • Ensure that vacation bid outcomes are instantly updated in schedules.

Empower scheduling supervisors to assess employees’ fatigue risk in real time, enabling proactive schedule changes to protect employee well-being and reduce fatigue-related costs.

  • Effectively enforce scheduling rules based on CIRCADIAN’s fatigue management best practices.
  • Leverage CIRCADIAN’s CAS dashboard to assess workers’ fatigue risk levels during assignments.

Harmonize production planning with labor scheduling in real-time for increased delivery accuracy and higher operational efficiency.

  • Translate production data pertaining to material availability, machine capacity, and other constraints into labor demand and shift requirements.
  • Dynamically adjusts staffing levels and assigns workers to the appropriate production lines.

When combined with Dayforce, Shiftboard unleashes the full power of your HCM data to optimize every shift for coverage, cost, and compliance.

  • Leverage up-to-date employee data in Dayforce to ensure optimal skills utilization during scheduling.
  • Sync with Dayforce’s time clock to prevent clock-ins outside of scheduled hours and ensure accurate payroll.
  • Utilize Dayforce time and cost data for precise scheduling rules enforcement, fair overtime distribution, and effective cost management.
  • Automatically validate leave balances in Dayforce to streamline time-off request approvals.

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