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Workforce scheduling plays a big part in any union contract negotiations. Scheduling rules required by Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) are numerous, complex, and ever-changing, making compliance difficult to manage using manual practices. A unionized workplace requires workforce scheduling software with robust capabilities to ensure compliance throughout the scheduling lifecycle.

  • Enforce union rules against all scheduling actions accurately, so a fully compliant schedule is generated easily and quickly.
  • Manage rule changes with highly configurable business logic so that new requirements can be rolled out seamlessly.
  • Track schedule history automatically so that proof of compliance can be generated easily during inquiries and disputes.

What Makes Compliance So Challenging?


The rules are numerous and complex


CBA requirements are stringent and hard to operationalize


Producing proof of compliance requires meticulous tracking

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Solution Sheet: Shiftboard Scheduling Compliance

From error prevention to exception management to auditing, Shiftboard provides full compliance – guaranteed.

Case Study: Union Compliance

Learn how Shiftboard has helped a Big 3 Auto maker reduce scheduling complaints by 93% and save $1.5 million in overtime and union penalties associated with wrongful assignments.

How Shiftboard Helps with Union Compliance

Shiftboard takes a proactive and comprehensive approach to scheduling compliance, which is why unionized operations choose us. From detecting violations to managing exceptions to auditing, you’ll rest assured that grievance risks are mitigated before employees receive their schedules. We are so confident our technology will meet your diverse and complex compliance requirements that we offer the market’s only compliance guarantee.


Comprehensive Rule Coverage

Powered by one of the most advanced rule engines on the market, Shiftboard’s solution is highly configurable to tackle the breadth and depth of requirements in union contracts, no matter how intricate. From seniority-based priority to job classifications management to overtime equalization, your organization’s rules requirements are fully covered.


Proactive Compliance

Shiftboard automates complicated and time-consuming rule checking throughout the scheduling lifecycle, so only eligible employees can be assigned a shift. Peace of mind scheduling — with automated rule checking, you can publish employee schedules accurately and quickly.


Transparent Decision-Making

When employees are not eligible for shifts due to union compliance issues, our software clearly explains every rule violation. Armed with the proper context, schedulers and front-line managers can easily justify their scheduling decisions while becoming more knowledgeable about their union obligations.


Robust Proof of Compliance

With Shiftboard, every schedule action is tracked and auditable. When rules must be overridden to accommodate unique or urgent needs, Shiftboard keeps a record of the violations and their justification. Automating deviations tracking reduces the headache of audits and helps foster an accountable and trusting culture within your organization.

A huge benefit of using Shiftboard software is being able to identify potential grievance situations before assigning shifts to our employees. One of Shiftboard’s built-in reports can analyze our entire schedule, allowing us to re-arrange the shifts before finalizing and distributing it to our employees. The ability to systematically check for compliance has been the main factor in reducing the number of union grievances.”

Plant Manager at a Big 3 Automaker

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we frequently hear from people looking for
union compliance topics. If you don’t see yours, please reach out.

  • Can Shiftboard handle scheduling in unionized environments?

    Yes, Shiftboard’s union compliance solutions are expressly designed to manage complex union rules and ensure scheduling adheres to collective bargaining agreements.

  • How does Shiftboard manage seniority-based scheduling requirements?

    Shiftboard incorporates seniority rules into its scheduling algorithms to respect the hierarchy stipulated by union agreements.

  • Can Shiftboard generate reports needed for union audits and negotiations?

    Yes, Shiftboard provides detailed reporting needed for audits, negotiations, and compliance checks relevant to union guidelines.