Robust scheduling
for a single site


Scalable scheduling
for multi-site organizations

Core Scheduling & Communication
Auto Scheduling Assigns optimal resources by matching shift needs to resources based on qualifications, location, availability, OT status, seniority, and many more. Yes Yes
Automated Notifications & RemindersTrigger-based automated notifications alert workers to important schedule updates and alert them about upcoming shifts. Yes Yes
Site BrandingApply your company logo and color scheme to your Shiftboard site. Yes Yes
Multiple LanguagesOffered in English, French Canadian, and Latin-American Spanish. Yes Yes
Configurable Shift DetailsAdd important information to include in shifts. Can vary by team or profile type. Yes Yes
Employee Self Service
Mobile AppsNative iOS and Android experiences make it easy for workers to manage their schedule, request time off, clock in, and access other functionality. Yes Yes
Schedule PreferencesEmployees can indicate their availability to work showing their free or busy time. Yes Yes
Shift TradingOrganize shift trading. You can enable your staff to manage their trades. Configurable with or without manager approval. Yes Yes
Self SchedulingThis option allows employees to select and pick up shifts for which they qualify. Yes Yes
Time Off RequestsManage time-off requests with manager approval. Yes Yes
Automatic Shift RemindersShift reminders help remind your team of upcoming shifts via text or email. (Premium SMS required). Yes Yes
Advanced Scheduling
Intelligent Auto Scheduling Optimize resource assignment by matching shift needs to resources based on qualifications, location, availability, OT status, seniority, and more. Yes Yes
Team-Based Scheduling Highly flexible virtual groupings of workers by location, job, or any other grouping that aligns with the way you work and schedule employees. Tailor scheduling and communication around the specific needs of that group. Yes Yes
Custom ProfilesDefine the profile information you need to schedule your staff. Yes Yes
Standby ListsAutofill “call-offs” from pre-defined standby lists. Yes Yes
Shift Pick-UpPost open shifts for any qualified and available employees to pick up immediately. OT and compliance rules are automatically applied. Yes Yes
Targeted CommunicationsSend announcements to all staff or smaller specified groups or individuals. Yes Yes
Premium SMS (Two-Way Texting)*Notify and accept shifts using two-way text messaging. Please note: additional charges may apply. Yes Yes
Profile TypesCreate various employee profile types to collect role-specific information for use in scheduling and reporting. 3 Unlimited
Multiple SitesManage schedules and teams across multiple product instances (sites). Includes global roll-up reporting. No Yes
Demand Planner*Use historical and forecast data to create an optimized schedule automatically. Auto fill schedule with qualified and available workers. No Yes
Seniority Scheduling Express rank or time seniority preference when scheduling your workforce. Yes Yes
Daily and Weekly Overtime Thresholds Set daily and weekly overtime thresholds and rates. Yes Yes
Mandatory Rest Periods Define and automatically limit scheduling workers based on mandatory rest periods. Yes Yes
Compliance Alerts Notify any employee of an expiring training or license requirement. No Yes
Credential Tracking Track worker credentials and only schedule those who are eligible to work. No Yes
Standard Reporting Hundreds of standard reports relating to employees, schedule, labor and overtime, costs, compliance, and more. Yes Yes
Custom Report BuilderCreate specific reports and export payroll files using Shiftboard’s handy built-in report creator. No Yes
Workforce Management
Timeclock with GeofencingTrack time worked using a mobile app, voice response, QR codes, or web clock. Combine geofencing with timeclock to ensure clock-ins occur on location. Yes Yes
Applicant Tracking Review and track job applicants. When hired, automatically create staff profiles. No Yes
Training Tracker Define optional and required training and track staff completion. No Yes
Open API Integrate easily with other software using an easy-to-use, documented, open API. Yes Yes
Single Sign-On* Integrate SSO using OAuth, SAML2, Okta, Shibboleth. Yes Yes
Payroll Integration* Create timecards using shifts worked or time clocks, and automatically roll up data for payroll systems. Yes Yes
Drop Point Service* Automate data movement between Shiftboard and your payroll, HRIS/HCM/ERP, internal databases and dashboards. No Yes

Additional Information:

  • – Minimum subscription fees apply to all plans.
  • – Discounts available for most non-profits.
  • – Implementation fees apply.
  • – For Premium (two-way) texting standard rates apply for all messages in the US. International rates vary by region.
  • – * Additional charges may apply.

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