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Scheduling & Communication Essentials
User Roles and Permissions Assign different roles, permissions, and authorization levels to users. Yes Yes
Scheduling Workflows Search and assign employees in a specific order that matches your current processes. Yes Yes
Shift Pattern Rotation When applicable, automatically create employee schedules based on the shift patterns assigned to them. Yes Yes
Staffing Level Requirements Setting Define the number of staff required for each position, job, and shift every day. Yes Yes
Employee Eligibility and Availability Checking Ensure that only employees with the required profile, skills, and availability are scheduled. Yes Yes
Candidate Finder Find eligible employees for shifts with a validated list that automatically prioritizes employees based on a predefined order. Yes Yes
Shift Bidding Allow eligible employees to bid for shift openings on demand. Yes Yes
Shift Trade Manage and approve shift trades between employees. Yes Yes
On-Call (“Standby”) Schedule non-working employees to be on-call or standby for potential vacancies. Yes Yes
Overtime Volunteer Assign employees based on the shifts they have volunteered to take. Yes Yes
Policy-Based Overtime Detection and Counting Define how overtime should be detected and counted based on your overtime policy. Yes Yes
Email and In-Application Notifications Send automatic notifications about schedule and request status changes via emails and in-app alerts. Yes Yes
SMS Notifications* Send automatic notifications about schedule and request status changes via SMS messages. Yes Yes
Employee Self Service
Mobile Apps Allow employees to access their schedule details on any mobile devices. Yes Yes
Shift Trading Allow employees to trade shifts with one another. Configurable with or without manager approval. Yes Yes
Shift Preferences and Availability Indicate ad-hoc or recurring shift preferences and availability. Yes Yes
Shift Bidding Allow employees to bid on shifts once they are made available by schedulers. Yes Yes
Shift TurndownTurndown shifts and auto-notify qualified workers to backfill. Yes Yes
Overtime Volunteer Sign-up Allow employees to sign up for additional shifts if they are available. Yes Yes
Time Off Requests Submit and edit time-off requests at employees’ convenience. Yes Yes
Employee Call-Off Hotline*An automated phone line for workers to report last-minute absences.  Yes Yes
Advanced Scheduling
Auto Schedule In a single click, fill all openings with the employee combination that yields the highest coverage and lowest cost without violating any compliance or workflow requirements.  Yes Yes
Demand-Based SchedulingCreate staffing requirements and schedule structures based on production line schedules and SKU demands. Applicable to most manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Yes Yes
Outages (“Turnaround”) Scheduling Automatically apply a different shift pattern and rule set to employees during planned outage (“turnaround”) periods. Yes Yes
Employee Shuffling Minimize the number of overtime callouts by shuffling already scheduled employees through different jobs and positions to cover openings. Yes Yes
Overtime Refusal Tracking and Charging Track overtime shift refusals and the associated reasons, per employee. Option to use refusal hour calculations to determine employees’ priority order for assignments. Yes Yes
Overtime Equalization Rotate overtime assignments among employees based on factors such as overtime balance, last overtime date, seniority, and more. Yes Yes
Overtime Banking Convert overtime hours into available leave hours for future consumption. Yes Yes
AutoCall* Place automated phone calls to notify employees about shift openings and confirm shift acceptance. Yes Yes
Qualification Expiry ManagementPrevent workers from being assigned beyond qualification expiry dates. No Yes
Automatic Job RotationOptimize schedule by rotating employees between various posts to maintain work experience level among relevant positions and jobs. No Yes
Job Proficiency Management Enforce job proficiency requirements based on the number of shifts employees have been scheduled for a particular position or job within a specific timeframe. Support OSHA requirements and prevent employees from being assigned if they fall below proficiency thresholds. Automatically rotate employees among positions/jobs based on mandatory policies to keep employees proficient at all times.  The ability to allow a grace period for meeting proficiency requirements is also available. No Yes
Secondary Duties Scheduling (Example: Emergency Response) Schedule emergency response and other secondary duties on top of the employee’s primary schedule. No Yes
Conditional Staffing Specify the required mix of certifications that employees on-shift should have. (Example: For any given shift, I need at least five people with Steam Ticket Certification and three people with Hot Board Certification.) No Yes
Compliance Guarantee ** The industry’s only money-back compliance guarantee. Ensure all your rules are enforced accurately and, when overridden, tracked for auditing purposes. Yes Yes
Work Hours Restrictions Comply with rules such as maximum hours in a day, maximum shifts in a work set, rest between shifts, and more. Yes Yes
California Day of Rest Requirements Adhere to the rest requirements set forth by state law. Yes Yes
Union Agreements (“Collective Bargaining Agreements”) Enforce scheduling rules required by your collective bargaining agreements. Yes Yes
Activity and System Audit Log Track schedule actions, action owners, affected employees, and timestamps for schedule or system changes. Yes Yes
PHMSA CFR 49 192 & 195 and API RP 755 Compliance Automatically enforce all PHMSA CFR CFR 49 192 & 195 regulations and API RP 755 guidelines. Standard audit reports are included. No Yes
Standard Reports More than 40 standard reports relating to schedule, overtime, and workforce statistics. Yes Yes
Work Rules Audit Report Run real-time reports on all scheduling rules violations and justifications over a defined date range. Yes Yes
Union Grievance Tracking and Alerts A real-time report that identifies wrongful assignments per union agreements. Make necessary adjustments before publishing the schedule to employees. Yes Yes
Scheduled Reports Schedule reports to be automatically run and then emailed to stakeholders at a specific time interval. Yes Yes
Qualification Tracking and Projection Forecast employees at risk of losing qualification in 30/60/90/120 days based on their qualification expiry dates. Useful for hiring and training purposes. No Yes
Job Proficiency Tracking and Projection Forecast employees at risk of losing job proficiency in 30/60/90/120 days based on the number of shifts they’ve been scheduled to particular positions or jobs. Useful for hiring and training purposes. No Yes
PHMSA CFR 49 192 & 195 and API RP 755 Audit Reports PHMSA Violation Report, API RP 755 Deviation Report, and Work Set Count Report. No Yes
Workforce Management
Labor Forecasting* Convert production demand data into accurate staffing level requirements to avoid under or overscheduling. Yes Yes
Timesheets* Manage timesheet submission, approval, and pay code mapping. Yes Yes
Leave Planning and Management Manage time-off requests, planning, and approval. Enforce leave balance and the minimum staffing level required for leave approval. Yes Yes
Vacation Bidding* Automate vacation bidding submission, approval workflows, and tracking. Yes Yes
Last-Minute Absence Tracking and Notifications*Automatic schedule updates and notifications in response to last-minute employee call-offs. Yes Yes
Protected Leave Days Automatically block off non-working days adjacent to an approved leave so that they cannot be scheduled. No Yes
Open API Integrate easily with other software using an easy to use and well-documented open API. Yes Yes
Single Sign-On* Integrated SSO authentication using SAML2. Yes Yes
Integration with Third-Party Systems (includes HRIS, payroll, and time and attendance)*Integration with 3rd-party platforms via API, flat-file transfer, and pre-built connectors. Yes Yes

Additional Information:

  • – Minimum subscription fees and users apply to all plans.
  • – Discounts available for most non-profits.
  • – Implementation fees apply.
  • – * Additional charges may apply.
  • – ** Compliance Guarantee

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