SchedulePro Compliance Guarantee

Scheduling Compliance You Can Count On

Scheduling Compliance

Workforce scheduling sits at the crucial intersection between business operations and the regulations that govern them, and includes adherence to:

  • Labor Laws
  • Industry Regulations and Guidelines
  • Union Agreements
  • Internal Policies

Shiftboard takes compliance requirements seriously. That’s why our SchedulePro software provides unique capabilities to meet our customers’ diverse and complex compliance needs.

Compliance Guarantee

This is what you can expect:

  • SchedulePro software will proactively make scheduling recommendations based upon configured rules to avoid any rule violations.
  • SchedulePro software will accurately enforce all scheduling compliance rules that are configured into your software instance, backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • In the event a rule is manually overridden by authorized company staff, the software will track and report all rule overrides for your audit and reporting purposes.


To be eligible, customer must complete the onboarding process and sign off on the SchedulePro rules configuration. If a rule is violated due to ShedulePro’s incorrect calculations, customer will be eligible for credits. Guarantee only applies if you are a Shiftboard customer in good standing. See details below.

Fine Print

The Shiftboard “Scheduling Money-Back Compliance Guarantee” (also referred to as simply “Compliance Guarantee”) means the following: we represent and warrant for a period of forty-five (45) days from the date the applicable recommendation is made or rule override takes place (the “Warranty Period”) that: (a) SchedulePro will make scheduling recommendations that accurately reflect compliance rules configured into the software, except for those overridden by users or excluded by Shiftboard during the implementation process; and (b) in the event an authorized user of the product, as determined by their permission level, overrides a recommendation or rule, all such overrides will be tracked and documented in an audit report. The foregoing warranty is specific to the enforcement of the scheduling rule as originally configured and does not warrant that the customer’s instance of the software is compliant with any specific law or standard including labor laws, industry standards or union agreements. This warranty applies only to new SchedulePro customer contracts signed on or after July 18st, 2020.

SchedulePro software can support hundreds of rules concurrently. If the software cannot support a requested rule, that rule will be identified during implementation and is excluded from the Compliance Guarantee. In the event of a breach of the foregoing warranty because SchedulePro does not accurately enforce a rule and/or track associated overrides, the sole liability of Shiftboard and exclusive remedy of customer is a credit for the monthly value of the annual subscription for the applicable month in which such violation occurred, provided: (i) the customer reported the suspected rule violations and/or tracking violations to Shiftboard during the Warranty Period and (ii) the foregoing credit will be limited to a maximum of four (4) months of fees annual subscription period. Shiftboard will use commercially reasonable efforts to remediate the violation in a timely manner.

Customer must be in good standing with Shiftboard to be eligible for any credit related to this Compliance Guarantee.