Workforce Scheduling for Corrections

Improve Operational Agility to Fill Shifts Quickly and Reduce Overtime

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Excess mandatory and uneven overtime distribution is a top cause for corrections fatigue and unsafe job performance.

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Shiftboard helped a correctional customer save 43% in overtime within the first 6 months.

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Learn more about workforce scheduling for correctional facilities.

Learn how Shiftboard Saves Alberta 41,000 Hours of Overtime.

Optimize Scarce Staffing with Speed and Precision

Maximize coverage with qualified and eligible staff while following scheduling policies.

  • Identify qualified employees sooner with a list of candidates readily validated against availability, hours-of-service rules, skills and credentials requirements, and other eligibility criteria.
  • Maximize shifts coverage by offering flexible shift options such as shift bids, trades, and volunteer sign up.
  • Follow your unique scheduling and backfilling processes based on internal policies and/or bargaining agreements so that schedule is error-free and compliant.
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Control Overtime Cost and Distribution

Manage overtime cost and distribution to ensure schedules are on-budget, fair, and adherent to your overtime policy.

  • Exhaust all non-overtime options before initiating overtime. When overtime is required, prioritize employee options based on overtime cost implications.
  • Compare actual overtime status to forecasted overtime in real-time to stay on track with budget.
  • Rotate overtime offers based on various criteria such as OT balance, seniority, and last OT shift worked so that hours are distributed among staff in a fair, standardized and fatigue-safe manner.
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Transparent and Evidence-Based Decision Making

Track, investigate and justify decisions with purposeful data that instills trust and accountability among employees and management.

  • Review past scheduling decisions, action owners and sequence of events to diagnose issues and course-adjust with ease.
  • Track scheduling rules, overrides and justifications to foster transparency and trust.
  • Analyze purposeful reports to build business cases for leave, overtime, and other process improvements.
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5 Reasons Corrections Facilities Choose Shiftboard


Matching Rules and Workflows

Simplify complex scheduling decisions easily and accurately by following the business logic and processes unique to you.


Robotic Call Out

Reduce the time and effort required to phone employees about open shifts and confirm acceptance.


Audit Log

Resolve scheduling decision inquiries and grievances with the data-based evidence you can trust.


Overtime Detection and Equalization

Avoid grievances and mitigate fatigue risks by accurately detecting, distributing and offering overtime according to internal OT policies and/or union agreements.


Skills and Qualifications Checking

Ensure only employees with the right skills, qualifications and credentials for the job can be scheduled.

Case Study: Quebec Corrections Manages Thousands of Staff Members with Shiftboard

Learn why Quebec Corrections needed an employee scheduling solution and how they’ve benefited from Shiftboard.

5 Ways Automated Employee Scheduling Can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Labor Costs

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Shiftboard is a flexible system that is well-suited to the needs of correctional facilities. Reporting within the organization is hassle-free and the workforce analytics are key to the decision making in the head office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we frequently hear from people looking
for scheduling software for corrections industry. If you don’t see yours, please reach out.

  • How does Shiftboard address the unique scheduling challenges in corrections?

    Shiftboard offers specialized scheduling solutions for the corrections industry, ensuring maximum shift coverage for 24/7 operations, guaranteed compliance with labor laws, and the ability to adapt to unexpected staff changes and emergencies quickly.

  • Can Shiftboard’s software handle shift bidding and swapping for corrections officers?

    Yes, Shiftboard facilitates shift bidding and swapping, simplifying the process while ensuring fair distribution and adherence to union rules and seniority.

  • Is Shiftboard capable of integrating with existing systems in corrections facilities?

    Absolutely. Shiftboard can integrate with current systems to streamline operations, reduce redundancy, and maintain data consistency across platforms.

  • Does Shiftboard support real-time communication for corrections staff?

    Yes, Shiftboard’s solution includes real-time communication capabilities, ensuring all staff members are informed of immediate changes or critical updates.