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Contingent Labor Management Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Effectively utilizing contingent labor is challenging because labor requirements can change rapidly. The need for resources may pass by the time you source additional help. Data insights may suddenly become obsolete, which results in over/under staffing, higher costs, or gaps in coverage. Shiftboard scheduling software helps you fully leverage contingent labor, including float pools or staffing agencies, so you can respond strategically to surges in demand and effectively expand your existing workforce capacity.

  • Gain visibility into resource gaps by role, location, skillset, and more.
  • Feel confident that all options to utilize current employees have been exhausted before seeking costly contingent labor alternatives.
  • Automate sharing open shifts with strategic sourcing partners to cut back on time spent coordinating with staffing agencies.
  • Communicate open shifts to your contingent worker float pool to either avoid or complement staffing agency resources.
  • Track shifts filled by contingent workers so front-line managers can plan accordingly and maximize productivity.

Why Is Contingent Labor Management So Challenging?

Complex Scheduling

Involves complex scheduling considerations


Requires high-volume communication


Scarce labor resources due to high turnover

Ensure Labor Compliance

Compliance to varying contingent labor regulations

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How Shiftboard Helps You Leverage Contingent Labor Effectively

Whether you tap contingent labor seasonally or every week, Shiftboard connects you to the information you need to make strategic scheduling decisions for your contingent labor resources.


Improve Workforce Visibility

A central database of your entire workforce, including both permanent and contingent workers, provides a holistic view of labor resources, qualifications, and availability. You can also use these employee insights and organize your workforce by teams to share labor resources and make scheduling easy.


Increase Scheduling Efficiency

Auto-assignment, self-serve scheduling tools, and built-in credential and compliance tracking dramatically ease administrative burdens. With automation, managers can create accurate, compliant schedules using full-time and contingent workforces, in a fraction of the time it takes to complete the process manually.


Communicate with Workers in Real Time

Avoid last-minute scrambles by keeping contingent workers up-to-date about real-time changes. Ensure your workers get the information they need to do their jobs well with notifications via email, text, or phone, distributed company-wide; by team, location, or individual.


Enable Schedule Flexibility

Contingent workers seek flexible scheduling options, so give them what they need without compromising operational goals and controls. With self-service tools, workers can access their work schedule anytime, pick up available shifts, set schedule preferences, and more.


Gain Operational Insights

Gain real-time access to the data you need to make informed decisions. Improve budgets, labor planning, and cost control with a wide selection of reports and data export options such as shift data reports, timekeeping reports, or financial reports.

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