Labor Cost Management

Drive Down Labor Costs
With Optimized Work Schedules

Ensure Labor Costs Are on Track and on Budget

Don’t let your goal of creating cost-effective work schedules fall into the world of wishful thinking. Workforce scheduling software provides the real-time workforce insights you need to optimize work schedules and control labor costs.

  • Improve operational efficiencies and control labor costs with employee scheduling automation configured to site-specific rules and workflows.
  • Increase workforce flexibility to improve the cost-effectiveness of full-time and flexible workers.
  • Create accurate schedules and prevent under- and over-staffing with labor forecasts based on projected production demand and historical labor usage.
  • Reduce administrative costs and managers’ back-office time associated with time-consuming manual scheduling processes.

Why Is Labor Cost Management So Challenging?

unpredictable labor costs

Labor costs are unpredictable due to fluctuating labor demand


Limited visibility into overtime

Over Under Scheduling

Over and understaffing due to inaccurate planning

Manual Change

Assignment errors due to inefficient manual processes

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How Shiftboard Helps with Labor Cost Management

With Shiftboard, you can continually create and update work schedules optimized to your specific needs, day by day or hour by hour. Use real-time workforce data and agile functionality to respond safely and cost-effectively to operational changes such as sudden spikes in demand, or unexpected worker callouts.


Gain Real-time Data Insights

Gain a better understanding of the relationship between work schedules and productivity by seeing which business units incur the most overtime — including when it occurs. Count on real-time data reporting to make informed decisions that reduce costs, increase employee satisfaction, and improve safety.


Manage Overtime Intelligently

Maximize utilization of your entire workforce before incurring overtime or staffing agency expenses. With Shiftboard’s robust optimization capabilities, managers can identify strategic scheduling opportunities such as shuffling on-site workers to areas of need or splitting shifts to maximize coverage with existing staff.


Forecast Labor Demand

Analyze historical demand and translate that data into labor forecasting to create more accurate schedules. Through Shiftboard’s scenario analysis, organizations can predict labor needs to avoid under- and over-scheduling their workforce.


Leverage Your Workforce Efficiently

Shiftboard’s highly configurable software and self-serve tools make it easy to assign or post open shifts to eligible employees — including part-time and contingent workers — so you can leverage your entire workforce before turning to expensive overtime options.


Report on Planned vs. Actual Hours

Shiftboard helps you continually improve your scheduling practices by providing visibility into rich scheduling data, including a seamless interface to compare actual and planned hours by job and location.

Shiftboard is a lifesaver. It has saved our company thousands in overtime.

Maureen Ross
Director of Administration, BAMSI

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we frequently hear from people looking for
labor cost management topics. If you don’t see yours, please reach out.

  • How does Shiftboard optimize labor cost management?

    Shiftboard’s labor cost management solutions provide smart scheduling algorithms to predict staffing needs, reduce overtime, and manage labor budgets more effectively.

  • Can Shiftboard help with forecasting labor demand?

    Yes, Shiftboard includes demand forecasting tools to help predict staffing needs and avoid under or overstaffing situations.

  • How does Shiftboard’s solution impact overtime management?

    Shiftboard enhances overtime management by optimizing workforce utilization to avoid unnecessary overtime and staffing costs. It provides managers with tools to adjust schedules for better coverage, such as redistributing on-site workers and splitting shifts, thus maximizing existing staff efficiency.

  • What reporting capabilities does Shiftboard offer for labor cost analysis?

    Shiftboard provides comprehensive reporting tools for labor cost analysis, offering detailed insights into scheduling efficiency by allowing comparisons between actual hours worked and scheduled hours across different jobs and locations.