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Avoid Daily Scrambles

Enable rapid response to last-minute call offs, changing patient loads, and other unexpected staffing needs.

  • Identify staffing gaps with a centralized view of coverage status across all areas.
  • Find coverage with an auto-generated list of available, qualified, and willing workers.
  • Promote and track open shift acceptance with automated calls, SMS, emails, and mobile apps.
Continuous Optimization

Lower Overtime Costs

Tap hidden staffing capacity before incurring unplanned overtime.

  • Place limits on worker schedulable and overtime hours.
  • Auto-prioritize assignments based on overtime cost implications.
  • Shuffle caregivers across various posts to reduce overtime hours.
Lower Overtime Costs

Improve Worker Retention

Boost worker satisfaction and reduce turnover with flexible and fair schedules.

  • Track and accommodate worker schedule preferences.
  • Offer workers online self-service and mobile apps to view, pick up, and trade shifts.
  • Evenly distribute overtime among staff to avoid burnout and ensure fair assignments.
Improve Worker Retention

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Choose Shiftboard


Superior Shift Coverage Capability

Powerful day-of management tools to seamlessly tap hidden staffing capacity for maximum coverage, no matter what changes throughout the day.


Rich Communication Tools

A plethora of tools, including mobile apps, automated phone calls, SMS, and email to maximize communication reach and expedite last-minute shift filling.


Worker-Friendly Scheduling

A wide range of self-service capabilities to offer caregivers greater transparency and influence over their schedules.


Fair and Safe Overtime Management

Sophisticated business logic evenly distributes overtime to provide staff with equal work opportunities and safeguard against fatigue and burnout.


Robust Union Agreement Compliance

A comprehensive rules library to enforce union rules regarding hours allocation and assignment priority; also supports exceptions management and scheduling audits. The only compliance guarantee available in the marketplace.

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By mandating the use of Shiftboard throughout the organization, the cost of manager overtime has been cut almost in half.

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