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Keep Daily Operations Running Smoothly

Avoid the daily struggle to fill last-minute shifts to meet changing patient loads.

  • Give front-line shift leads a real-time view of scheduling needs and worker availability.
  • Assess scheduled workers’ flexibility to fill various positions and maximize coverage.
  • Auto fill last-minute shift openings with employees who have confirmed acceptance.
Schedule Calendar Overview

Control Overtime Costs and Protect Profitability

See the direct impact scheduling decisions will have on overtime to ensure the desired outcome on your budget and bottom line.

  • Automatically schedule shifts with eligible employees who have lower cost implications.
  • Avoid excessive overtime automatically by placing limits on worker schedulable hours.
  • View expected overtime costs with the current schedule to ensure you stay on track with goals and budget.
Scheduling Flexibility

Improve Employee Engagement

Balance organizational needs and individual worker preferences with a scheduling practice that keeps your workforce engaged and happy.

  • Create schedules that maximize shift coverage while ensuring fairness at the same time.
  • Post new shifts and allow eligible employees to see and request them automatically.
  • Provide employees the ability to influence their work schedule and self-serve.
Scheduling Shift Pickup

5 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Choose Shiftboard


Day-Of Shift Coverage Tools

Your front-line managers can quickly handle callouts and last-minute schedule changes easily with the best day-of tools in the industry.


Shift Pick Up

As you post new ad-hoc shifts, eligible caregivers are automatically given notice, resulting in higher shift-fill rates and happier employees who are seeking additional shifts.


Workforce Teams

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in organizing your workforce by teams to share resources and make scheduling easy.


Credential Verification

Automated checking of shift requirements so only caregivers who have the required credentials and in good standing can be scheduled.


Employee Self-Serve Access

By involving your workforce in scheduling, you achieve higher fill rates and less work for front-line managers, which results in improved patient care.

3 Benefits Employee Scheduling Software Brings to Healthcare

Learn the top three benefits of healthcare staff scheduling software.

Wellness Corporate Solutions Case Study

Learn about how WCS has benefitted from Shiftboard, including an 11x increase in their client base.

By mandating the use of Shiftboard throughout the organization, the cost of manager overtime has been cut almost in half.

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