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Welcome to the New Shiftboard

A lot has happened around here lately, and we’d love to bring you up to speed.

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Customer Stories

Member Spotlight: KBCS 91.3

We know that building and maintaining a positive community is one of your main goals and we want to support that. Whether you want to foster a good and efficient work experience for your employees or contractors, or, you are working with volunteers and want them to...

Member Spotlight: World Indoor Lacrosse Championship 2015

The World Indoor Lacrosse Championship is coming to the United States from Sept 18-27 and for the first time ever is being hosted where the sport began – The Onondaga Nation. Teams from 13 countries from across the globe will be traveling to upstate New York to...

Features Spotlight

Manager Notes, now with Custom Fields!

Scheduling is as hard as it is nuanced. In fact it’s down right messy. From balancing the creation of your schedule to the available people to staff it, to time off requests and the skills needed to complete the job, balancing the calendar takes enough of your...

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Feature Friday: Custom fields in the Calendar

Two things that set Shiftboard apart and above many other options (actually, there are several reasons) are customizable fields (basically everywhere they need to be) and also the ability to restrict what your workers (contractors, employees, volunteers, project...

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Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) – InCommon

 “Yes, we can do that too”. People despise needing to remember lots of passwords – it’s a pain – especially inside large organizations that could have hundreds (or thousands) of web, mobile, and other network-based systems. Single Sign...

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RSS New Features

  • QRPassport! Clock in, verify, or get a snack on the go July 21, 2016
    QRPassport is an app, separate from Shiftboard's regular member app, that scans QR codes generated by Shiftboard. When you scan someone's QR code you can clock them in or out, see their name and a picture, or 'cash in' one or more vouchers associated with their account, depending on which mode the device is using. […]
  • Custom Reporting Enhancements July 13, 2016
    Wish you could tweak that report just a little bit or build a new one from scratch? Shiftboard's Custom Reporting tools let you build your own reports with Account, Shift, or Team data. Even if your site doesn't have the Custom Reporting tools available, Shiftboard's Support team may be able to build you the report […]
  • Advanced Timeclock Limitations July 8, 2016
    Are your members clocking in to the wrong shifts? It can be frustrating to have to spend time correcting a bunch of timecards when they're being filled out incorrectly. Shiftboard has introduced new Timeclock settings to limit what shifts members can clock into. Whether you don't want people clocking in to specific shifts at all, […]
  • Rank based seniority! June 29, 2016
    Seniority in Shiftboard can now be tracked by a numerical Rank rather than just by Start Date. Rank can be integers from 1 to 100, with 1 being best. You can use Shiftboard's auto-assign feature to automatically assign people to shifts by Seniority, ensuring that the most senior members receive shifts. Rank or Start Date […]