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FLSA Overtime Rule Update: 5 Things You Should Know

It’s time to weigh your options in this uncertain regulatory environment.
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Thankful for Your Volunteers? 10 Things to Consider – Part III

Taking care of your volunteers is beneficial any time of the year.
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Thankful for Your Volunteers? 10 Things to Consider – Part II

Showing volunteer gratitude is always in season.
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Thankful for Your Volunteers? 10 Things to Consider – Part I

When you rely on volunteers, gratitude is appropriate any time of the year.
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Regulation Pulse: Employer Legislation Trends to Watch

How a California law could impact your business.
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Peer-Reviewed Scheduling Best Practices: Healthcare Facility Edition

Board Certified Care Starts with Quality Staff Management
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  • Resource Tracking Updates! December 1, 2016
    Shiftboard's Resource Tracking tools allow you to associate resources with a shift. These resources are created by your Site Administrators and you can assign one or more of them when creating a shift. Once resources are assigned you can use filters on the calendar and reports to see where they are and who is using […]
  • Scheduling in Draft Mode October 11, 2016
    If you need to create a schedule without your workers seeing it, think you'll make a lot of changes to the schedule before it's finalized, or want to make a whole lot of shifts available all at once, you might like Draft Mode. Draft Mode enhances Shiftboard's Unpublished feature to allow you to keep shifts […]
  • The Account Document Export Tool September 27, 2016
    Ever notice the Account Document Export button on the People page and wondered what it does? It's an easy way to download contact, profile, and document information from your Shiftboard site! This is how to use it: First, set any filters on the People page that you'd like to use, like specific Workgroups or Teams, […]