Nonprofits and Shiftboard

by Jessica on March 18, 2015

Nonprofit work is enjoyable, rewarding, frustrating, taxing and, occasionally, draining. How do I know this? Before I joined the Shiftboard team I worked for years in nonprofits.

I am very aware of the highs and lows and the pros and cons that are intrinsically part of a career in nonprofits. Like anything else, each organization has its own culture and challenges but there is a challenge that is almost universal. There are never enough hours or dollars to complete the work. So instead of trying and failing, it is all about leveraging your time and dollars in the most effective way possible.

This is where Shiftboard comes in. This is a tool I wish I had when I was running nonprofits. I ran four different programs; and I can think of dozens of ways that Shiftboard would have made my life easier. For instance, I was able to track volunteers as a whole, but Shiftboard would have allowed me to easily track and report on different types of volunteers. This would have been powerful data for me.

Keeping track of people allows you to effectively recognize your best volunteers. And who doesn’t like a little recognition?

With our communication tools your volunteers can be in touch with you and you with them. The ease of communication is only going to strengthen your organization.

We know that no two use cases are going to be exactly the same. Why should they be? No organization is exactly like another (the same goes for different branches). Shiftboard allows people the option of making it work for them and that is valuable.

Shiftboard works with many nonprofits, why not yours?


Shiftboard is at SXSW!

by Sakina on March 13, 2015

It’s March! And you know what that means? South By Southwest is here! The largest music festival of its kind in the world starts today and runs till March 22nd. With over 2,200 performers and bands, and 145 different feature films, you won’t run out of things to do!

SXSW was started in 1987 as a way to highlight emerging talent in the music field. They added film and multimedia in 1994 to the yearly event activities. Rebranded to SXSW Interactive in 1999, this component acts as a based for innovative technology and keynote panels including important notable people such as Craig Newmark, from Craigslist.

SXSW uses Shiftboard to schedule thousands of event staff and volunteers. If you’re going to the interactive portion, please stop by and say hi to the Shiftboard crew! If you’d like to learn more or grab passes to the event you can here!


Ever tried to sign into your Shiftboard account (or any account) and you type in your password, hit login and it tells you the username or password is wrong?

You do it again, going just a little slower than normal – making sure your typing is precise. And still it comes up wrong.

So you do it again. This time typing one finger at a time – paying extra attention to your caps, numbers and special characters – and it still comes up wrong.

Take a deep breath. It is likely that it isn’t you, it’s your computer.

A lot of browsers will store your passwords for you to various sites. It is an incredibly handy tool, most of the time. However, sometimes it gets “stuck” with the old password. In order to update the password you will have to clear the cache. Each browser has slightly different instructions on how to clear out this old information. To make this easier we are including links to instructions on how to clear the most popular browsers – just click on the name.


Featured Member: Houston Livestock and Rodeo

by Sakina on February 27, 2015

Saddle up Houston! It’s time for the Rodeo! The largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition is coming to town! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo starts on March 3rd and runs till March 22nd. You’ll have plenty of time to watch the Rodeo Parade, try your hand at the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, or attend one of the many live music shows featuring artists such as Hunter Hayes and Eric Church. With a wide variety of events to attend, the entire family will have a great time at the rodeo!

Last year, the attendance for HLSR reached over 2.5 million people. This requires over 28,000 volunteers! In 2007, the rodeo was deemed “the year of the volunteer.”

Want to get involved? There is no better way to enjoy the rodeo by being a part of it! Learn more about volunteering here!


As everyone probably already knows, you’ve been able to send free texts with Shiftboard for years now, and you still can!

Recently we’ve added our Premium 2-way SMS messaging service. This allows you to send text-based “conversations” added directly into the automated scheduling and transaction workflow.

We get it. Your employees are busy. These days, everyone is glued to their smartphone pretty much 24/7. Sometimes the fastest and easiest way to get your shifts filled is through text messages.

With Premium SMS, you’ll never have to worry about coverage again. When you post a shift to the calendar, you have the option using Premium SMS to blast out the shift details via text message to everyone in the team. Conveniently for your staff, all they have to do is reply back with a code to pickup the shift. Whoever replies first wins!! Easy, convenient, and organized. There is no requirement for them login to their Shiftboard account to pickup the shift with this option.

We thought you’d like that! Let us know if you’d like to enable the Premium SMS service on your Shiftboard site today!


The 25th annual Washington DC Jewish Film Festival kicks off Feb. 19 and runs through March 1. The WJFF serves more than 15,000 people through 80+ screenings. The majority of the films shown are regional, US or world premieres.

The festival works to showcase the diversity of Jewish history, culture and experience through International Cinema. After most movies, you can enjoy fascinating discussion with guest filmmaker or subject matter experts. We highly suggest you take advantage of this great opportunity.

This year, along with the world premieres, WJFF is showcasing rare classic films that honor the longstanding tradition of Jewish Cinema.

Interested in going to a movie or volunteering (or volunteering next year)? Click here.


Featured Member: Thin line Fest

by Sakina on February 16, 2015

Film festivals, music festivals, art festivals… usually they are independent of one another. If you want to watch a cool movie, go to a movie festival. Or if you’re looking for some music, music festivals have the singers you want. However, what happens when you want to see a show and watch a movie all in the same day? Where are the festivals that combine the best of the best together?

Look no further! Thin Line Fest is here! Located in Denton, TX, for 5 whole days you can watch the best documentaries, see nationally-touring acts every night, or browse through the photo galleries downtown! Currently in its 8th year, the festival first started out film based with over 60 films in its first year. Only in 2014 did they add the trifecta and become a triple-threat festival that included music events and in 2015 photo events.

Thin Line has come a long way in the past 10 years! This non-profit puts on a wide variety of shows to entertain all ages and keep everyone happy. One of the key elements is that this is an entirely volunteer based event. The show can’t go on without you so please consider donating your time and volunteer here!


If you are curious about changes that have been made to a shift, you can check out our Revision/Order Detail tool. To find this, click on a shift, look in the grey box on the right side and it will be in the right hand corner. Select it and all the changes that have been made to a shift will appear.

Things that the tool tracks: Who made the shift, who assigned the shift, who took the shift, if someone makes changes to the time. It also shows who made any changes and when they were made. This a great way to keep track of shift information, especially if you have multiple managers on a team. It is a simple and effective way to see who made what changes.


Our Super Duper Mobile Website!

by Sakina on February 6, 2015

Not to toot our own horn here, but the Shiftboard mobile website is pretty darn spiffy. Have you checked it out yet? If not you absolutely should! Head on over to and login with your account information. Voila! Our updated and super functional mobile site is available for you!

You’ll see a number of different sections are visible on the left hand side. View all your staff in the People section and check out your calendar in Schedule. A number of different filters are available so you can look at only the information you need to. Your members can even clock in/out right on their phone! Handy huh?

Give the mobile website a try and bask in the glory of convenience right on your smartphone device!


Building blocks of Shiftboard

by Jessica on February 2, 2015

The first definition that comes up for the word solution is “the act of solving a problem, question etc” and the secondary is “the state of being solved.” We believe that at Shiftboard; we also think that a solution is only a solution if it solves your problems. We offer a powerful solution that can have a positive, immediate effect on your business. While we offer many add-ons that look shiny, increase functionality and make Shiftboard more heavy duty, at the heart of it, our core tools are powerful and need to work for you.

Our core tools make sense. They also show a deep understanding of what matters in business and scheduling: People, organization, calendar, communication and reports.

People are central to your business and you need ways to track them and their information. You need to have the right people for the right jobs and the key to that is information. We know that not all markets require the same information, so our people section is completely customizable to reflect your business’ needs. Everyone can upload a picture so you can put a face to the name. You can track interests, skills, languages, licenses and whatever else you may want to know.

Shiftboard organizes people into teams. Teams can be divided up by skill sets, clients, locations, jobs – really whatever works for you. After you have set your teams and added the appropriate people we now move to scheduling.

Our calendar has configuration options including month, week, day or hour. Additionally, you can filter it to show different views. The calendar is where you schedule your shifts, you pick the team, the number of people you need and you can assign (or choose how they are going to get assigned) them there.

Communication is arguably the most important piece of any business. What good does it do to schedule your workers if you can’t communicate with them? Shiftboard has many options for informing your workers of information and allowing them to respond back.

Information is good. Being able to organize that information in a meaningful way is great. That is where our reports section comes in. You can run a variety of reports in a variety of forms. Need to see how many hours a member has worked? No problem. Want a report that shows who works where and when? We do that, too. Want to check on your workers, as an example whose email is bad? Easy.

Think about it like ordering at a restaurant. If you don’t want the main part of a dish, you don’t order it for the sides and sauces. If the main part of this dish sounds interesting, call us.