This year’s Old Music Festival is going on now until April 19th in Austin, TX. After having its debut season in 1987 the Festival is now known far and wide for its celebration of Americana and roots music. Salt Lick Pavilion and Camp Ben McCulloch. With a prime spot among the shady trees and sunny meadows at the height of bluebonnet season this sounds like the way to spend a weekend. The music continues nonstop for four straight days, with concerts, workshops, and impromptu jam sessions all day and throughout the night.

This year their line up includes The Mavericks, Robert Earl Keen, Sam Bush, Hot Rize, JD McPherson, Jeff Austin Band, Jake Shimabukuro, Ray Wylie Hubbard and many, many more. Tickets are still available (but camping is sold out). We would go if we could by check out their site and buying tickets, next year we will plan ahead and buy camping tickets before they sell out.

Had such a blast this year that you want to volunteer? Shiftboard helps them manage their many volunteers. Check their website for next year’s registration.



Tribeca Film Festival is now!

by Sakina on April 15, 2015

Live From New York it’s Opening Night! The Tribeca Film Festival starts today and runs until April 26th. For their opening night gala, the documentary about “Saturday Night Live” explores the influence this show has had on our culture for the past 40 years. Can’t make it to that? No need to fret. There will be over 100 feature films screened this year during the 14th annual festival.

Did you know that Tribeca relies on volunteers? People donate their time and energy to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. If you can’t help out this year, consider pitching in next year and experience the festival from the inside!


Ring Ring!

by Sakina on April 10, 2015

Here at Shiftboard, we use a number of different products to help our operations run smoothly. One of our favorites is RingCentral. We know you love Shiftboard because of our awesome client success and support teams; we are always here to help with any question you might have! RingCentral helps us help you.

We use RingCentral as our main telephone system. There are a number of different integrations that RingCentral offers and we love how everything is connected together, which means we can keep our focus on you and not on our phones.

If you call the main Shiftboard number, there are a few different options to get connected to the right area. For example, our support line is ext. 2. Having these different options helps us route incoming client calls more efficiently. All of our employees here also have direct lines. Calls are easily transferred within the organization to the correct agent (we are all about the right people, at the right time in the right place).

Another main benefit of RingCentral is the integration with SalesForce. We use SalesForce for all our client database information, and through SalesForce we can one click call to any number – which has made dialing our client’s even easier. This is a change that we made recently and now we can’t imagine our lives without it. Not only does it prevent us from dialing mistakes, but it creates a record (which we can then edit and add information to). Saves us a ton of time!

Shiftboard has clients all the over the world (seriously, we are everywhere) and we like to keep in touch with them the same way as our national clients. RingCentral makes that easy by providing local (to them) call in numbers so we can arrange calls to assist with anything that comes up.

So, if you’re looking for a phone system to better your business, check them out!

Thanks RingCentral!


Sakina & Jessica


Shiftboard suggests: Wisconsin Film Festival

by Jessica on April 7, 2015

Here at Shiftboard we love a good movie. And what is better than one good movie? Many, many good movies. If you also love good movies (the more the better) than check out the 17th Annual Wisconsin Film Festival, which starts on April 9th and goes through the 16th in Madison. This year’s Festival presents over 150 films in eight theaters in eight days.

The four-mile festival footprint is easily accessible whether traveling on foot, two wheels, four wheels, or via Madison Metro Transit.

They even have two special programs geared for young movie buffs ages K-2 and 3-5. This is a great way to expand your children’s cinematic horizons with quality entertainment.

For all the details (and to buy tickets) check out Wisconsin Film Festival here. Wish you could have volunteered? Make sure to check back for next year’s volunteer registration run by Shiftboard.



Top Job Hospitality

by Sakina on April 3, 2015

“We Hire the Smile!” is not only an adage but words to live by at Top Job Hospitality. They provide professional banquet staff and bartenders to hotels, country clubs, caterers, corporate accounts and private residences.

Before using Shiftboard, Top Job relied on phone calls, emails and text messages to schedule their staff for events throughout the month. The biggest challenge with this process was the major communication issues that they encountered. Since there was no centralized platform for workforce management, there was no accurate, real-time record of who was assigned to work which event, and when. This led to a lack of accountability amongst the staff among a host of other inefficiencies. It was also extremely time consuming. Recruiting, scheduling, and communicating with more than 175 part-time employees for 700-1100 shifts/month with various skill sets, preferences, and other compliance-oriented tracking information was no easy task.

Scott Harb, owner of Top Job Hospitality, was familiar with Shiftboard. Although Shiftboard provides a range of agency and enterprise-oriented workforce management solutions to many very large-scale organizations, Scott had actually experienced Shiftboard as a volunteer worker to sign up for activities and events at the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, another client of Shiftboard.  Aware of how easy the system was to use as a regular end-user, he signed up Top Job Hospitality with Shiftboard to start scheduling his employees in a similar, more effective and time efficient way.

The main criteria in his scheduling solution was to simplify their antiquated process. He was tired of all the paper covering his desk. The on boarding process of learning how to schedule was, “Very Easy. Excellent customer service and always available to help.”

Using Shiftboard, Scott has saved countless hours in his day to focus on other aspects of his business. Getting staff applications, communicating, and scheduling is no longer the primary time consuming task that it used to be, especially since reminders and other notification services can be automated.

When asked what his favorite feature in Shiftboard is, he replied “There are too many to list to be honest. GPS is awesome and the phone app is huge. Seeing the entire week right in front of me via the website is truly amazing.”



New Enhancement Alert! Timecard rounding

by Sakina on March 31, 2015

Everyone gather around! We have an awesome new enhancement that I know you will all be very excited about. If you use Shiftboard for your timekeeping, allowing your workers to clock in and out, you probably already know that currently we round your timecards by specific minutes and intervals that you select. We just released a new way to gather more precise hours. Now you can round up or down based on your own preferences. Let me explain.

When it comes to timecards, rounding to the nearest 15 or 30 min interval is a very common practice. At a lot of companies, when someone clocks in at 9:14 they would rather have that round to 9:15 for payroll purposes. However, when someone clocks in at 9:07, would you prefer that to be rounding up or down? Now you can choose!

If you have have timekeeping enabled, go to your Timekeeper settings. You’ll see a new option called “Rounding: Clock-in/out time.” Here you can choose which interval you need and whether you’d prefer it to round to the nearest interval time.

Take a look at this new enhancement and as always, let us know if you have any questions!



Nonprofits and Shiftboard

by Jessica on March 18, 2015

Nonprofit work is enjoyable, rewarding, frustrating, taxing and, occasionally, draining. How do I know this? Before I joined the Shiftboard team I worked for years in nonprofits.

I am very aware of the highs and lows and the pros and cons that are intrinsically part of a career in nonprofits. Like anything else, each organization has its own culture and challenges but there is a challenge that is almost universal. There are never enough hours or dollars to complete the work. So instead of trying and failing, it is all about leveraging your time and dollars in the most effective way possible.

This is where Shiftboard comes in. This is a tool I wish I had when I was running nonprofits. I ran four different programs; and I can think of dozens of ways that Shiftboard would have made my life easier. For instance, I was able to track volunteers as a whole, but Shiftboard would have allowed me to easily track and report on different types of volunteers. This would have been powerful data for me.

Keeping track of people allows you to effectively recognize your best volunteers. And who doesn’t like a little recognition?

With our communication tools your volunteers can be in touch with you and you with them. The ease of communication is only going to strengthen your organization.

We know that no two use cases are going to be exactly the same. Why should they be? No organization is exactly like another (the same goes for different branches). Shiftboard allows people the option of making it work for them and that is valuable.

Shiftboard works with many nonprofits, why not yours?


Shiftboard is at SXSW!

by Sakina on March 13, 2015

It’s March! And you know what that means? South By Southwest is here! The largest music festival of its kind in the world starts today and runs till March 22nd. With over 2,200 performers and bands, and 145 different feature films, you won’t run out of things to do!

SXSW was started in 1987 as a way to highlight emerging talent in the music field. They added film and multimedia in 1994 to the yearly event activities. Rebranded to SXSW Interactive in 1999, this component acts as a based for innovative technology and keynote panels including important notable people such as Craig Newmark, from Craigslist.

SXSW uses Shiftboard to schedule thousands of event staff and volunteers. If you’re going to the interactive portion, please stop by and say hi to the Shiftboard crew! If you’d like to learn more or grab passes to the event you can here!


Ever tried to sign into your Shiftboard account (or any account) and you type in your password, hit login and it tells you the username or password is wrong?

You do it again, going just a little slower than normal – making sure your typing is precise. And still it comes up wrong.

So you do it again. This time typing one finger at a time – paying extra attention to your caps, numbers and special characters – and it still comes up wrong.

Take a deep breath. It is likely that it isn’t you, it’s your computer.

A lot of browsers will store your passwords for you to various sites. It is an incredibly handy tool, most of the time. However, sometimes it gets “stuck” with the old password. In order to update the password you will have to clear the cache. Each browser has slightly different instructions on how to clear out this old information. To make this easier we are including links to instructions on how to clear the most popular browsers – just click on the name.


Featured Member: Houston Livestock and Rodeo

by Sakina on February 27, 2015

Saddle up Houston! It’s time for the Rodeo! The largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition is coming to town! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo starts on March 3rd and runs till March 22nd. You’ll have plenty of time to watch the Rodeo Parade, try your hand at the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, or attend one of the many live music shows featuring artists such as Hunter Hayes and Eric Church. With a wide variety of events to attend, the entire family will have a great time at the rodeo!

Last year, the attendance for HLSR reached over 2.5 million people. This requires over 28,000 volunteers! In 2007, the rodeo was deemed “the year of the volunteer.”

Want to get involved? There is no better way to enjoy the rodeo by being a part of it! Learn more about volunteering here!