gI_136487_s100819gt-002tlblBuilding the next generation workforce management solution for such a diverse, wide ranging set of awesome clients, well, let’s get one thing right – actually, we’ve got to get a lot of things right: The people we hire, the team and the culture we build, and the relationships we manage – these are key.

Today, we are all thrilled to have Sterling Wilson join the Shiftboard team in Seattle.

Check out the full story here:

Our staff, Board of Directors, and I have spent the last several months working alongside of Sterling and he’s also had a chance to meet with several of our key clients, partners, and other colleagues in Seattle – many of whom already know him from one of his many past adventures beyond the Seattle-Austin-New York-Boston tech universe.

In case you have not already crossed paths, Sterling is a well-known entity in Seattle. He was the fifth employee, CFO and EVP of Operations at Concur, the leader in travel and expense management, and took the company public well before its recent acquisition by SAP. After Concur, Sterling was the president of another well-known Seattle company – Qpass – for eight years, leading it through a major turnaround and successful sale to Amdocs in 2006. Did you ever use Act! software? Sterling worked at the company that developed and sold that product too – Contact Software Int’l as CFO, through its acquisition by Symantec.

Sterling is an active supporter of the Seattle arts community and is a member of the board of directors at the 5th Avenue Theater.

For those of you who know me well, or perhaps, use our products everyday, you may agree with my sentiments, reiterated in today’s public press announcement: “As businesses increase their dependence upon flexible, dynamically organized, skilled, and schedule-driven workers, their need for responsive solutions to optimize and manage them efficiently is growing.”

With Sterling on board, I’m very excited about the future of Shiftboard, and for our staff – and greater community here and around the globe.


Manager Notes, now with Custom Fields!

by Jessica on December 2, 2015

Scheduling is as hard as it is nuanced. In fact it’s down right messy. From balancing the creation of your schedule to the available people to staff it, to time off requests and the skills needed to complete the job, balancing the calendar takes enough of your time. Shiftboard can help with all of that. In addition, you probably want to keep track of how your workers or volunteers are doing. Shiftboard makes this easy with our Manager Note Tool. You are able to easily download manager notes into Excel.

Manager Notes

Manger Notes makes it easy for you to track employee’s performance. You can link it to a shift, a team or just make it a general comment. It is easy to do a lot of them at once with your ability. These reviews can be more qualitative or more quantitive with our account scoring features.









Review Types

Shiftboard gives you the ability to customize the review labels within the system. Not only is it a quick way to label the comment or review but it is another piece of information that goes into the report. This makes it easier to group types of reviews and gives you another option you can sort by. Below is an example of the types of labels possible, though really the sky is the limit.

Screen 2









Custom Fields

A new addition to the Manager Notes tool is Custom Fields. There are a variety of fields for you to choose from including Yes/No, drop downs and open text fields. You are able to use as many or as few as you want. You have access to turn them on or off in the Manager Notes setting. Feel free to play around with them and make them your own. Additionally, all of this information can be uploaded through a template that you are able to access. This makes creating reviews incredibly easy.

Check out a mock review below to see this powerful tool in action.

Screen 5



Feature Friday: Custom fields in the Calendar

by Jessica on November 6, 2015

Two things that set Shiftboard apart and above many other options (actually, there are several reasons) are customizable fields (basically everywhere they need to be) and also the ability to restrict what your workers (contractors, employeesvolunteers, project staff, or other) are able to view, update, insert, or remove.

Custom Fields

Just like custom fields within worker profiles, Shiftboard supports custom field options within schedules down to the occurrences of individual shifts.  Sometimes you may want all, some, or no custom field information to show up within calendar views which is why you can also configure screen layouts in the most efficient way.  Customizing lets you give the people working at specific times or places the ability to see calendars and notifications at a glance, getting just the right information needed while restricting or simply hiding other information.

In order to customize what shows on the calendar in either of the week view, click on Week> Customize (either Time View or Staff View)> Select what you want> If you are a site admin you can save it just for yourself or for the site, otherwise just save it.

Custom Fields within Shared Views

Shared View is a way to allow your people to see when and where other people on their team are working.  Intra-team shared views are also available providing a way for members of different teams to see schedules and related information within select other teams within the organization.  For instance, a team of Doctors may want to see the Pharmacist scheduled to know who will be on call over the weekend.

Just like regular views,  custom fields can be configured for display within Shared Views — once you make your choices, don’t forget to click Save!

Shared View lets members see the allowed information to a wider audience than just the people scheduled – in some cased, it’s a great way to get all of the right information to the right people, in the right place, and always at the right time!

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.32.44 PM

Time to customize your views?

So, now that you know, would you like to select some custom fields to show-up in your Shared View?

Click “view” (in the blue bar, above the date) to make your selections within the dialogue box.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.33.09 PM

As always, please connect with us via Phone, Email, or Chat if you have questions!





Did you attend the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in Onondaga? We hope you were able to enjoy the event! The volunteers were entirely organized and scheduled using Shiftboard! Check out their sweet t-shirts!

World Lacross Volunteer Shifts


Congratulations to Canada for winning WILC this year! Can’t wait for 2019!


We know you all have been waiting for this news… we’ve updated the Shiftboard iPhone app with the ability to clock in and out for your shifts! This functionality has, up until now, only been offered on our Android app and the mobile website (  But now, since we also are iPhone lovers ourselves, we’ve streamlined this across all of our mobile offerings.

Like before, it is super easy to clock in for your shift when you’re ready. First, update or download the Shiftboard app on your iPhone (it is in the App store but is free). When you open it up and login (use your same email and password as the main site), you’ll see a menu icon on the top left hand side.



Select this and then choose Timeclock. At the bottom you’ll see the option to Clock In. You are ready to work.



That’s it! Follow the same steps to clock out and you’re done!



Member Spotlight: KBCS 91.3

by Jessica on October 1, 2015

Volunteers hard at workWe know that building and maintaining a positive community is one of your main goals and we want to support that. Whether you want to foster a good and efficient work experience for your employees or contractors, or, you are working with volunteers and want them to have a seamless experience, we are here to help. A team who really understands the value of community is KBCS 91.3 @ Bellevue College, a community radio station located in our own backyard in the PNW.

KBCS is heard in communities from Everett to Olympia and from North Bend to Bainbridge Island. KBCS is not only supported by the community, but features members of the community within their programming in fact, most of the programming content comes from local people. The radio station gives people a chance to share their passions. Like many community powered organizations, KBCS is mostly listener supported with help from some great sponsors.

KBCS uses Shiftboard primarily to help with their fundraisers (clearly an important part of their organization). They do three large fundraisers and then a few smaller ones throughout the year. They need volunteers to be in the office, answer phones, pick up items, and more.

KBCS Membership and Administrative Director, Chelan Lippencott, said Shiftboard is a valuable tool for them, allowing team management to “set it and forget it.”

Shiftboard allows Lippencott to focus on what is really important. If you are interested in checking out the awesome content click here or if you want to volunteer, click here.

Ahhh ... the brilliant sounds of volunteering!Volunteers can pick up the shifts that work for them and get notifications, alerts, and other helpful reminders.

Ahhh….  The sweet sounds of volunteering.  ; )


Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) – InCommon

by bryan on September 4, 2015

 “Yes, we can do that too”.

People despise needing to remember lots of passwords – it’s a pain – especially inside large organizations that could have hundreds (or thousands) of web, mobile, and other network-based systems.

Single Sign On, (or “SSO”) lets users authenticate once for simple and secure access to everything else they might need.

Shiftboard makes life easier for people, especially those within large organizations, by supporting a wide range of options for Single Sign-On rather than needing to remember yet another password.

For years, Shiftboard has supported multiple, standardized SSO options including Google, Facebook, OpenID/OpenID Connect, and several SAML2-based identity management service providers such as OneLogin, Centrify, Okta.


Shiftboard supports Shibboleth

One of the most popular SSO technologies (based on SAML) used within many of the largest universities and local governments is Shibboleth, an impressive, multi-national federated identity management initiative.

Like other SSO options, Shibboleth gives your members the chance to sign into Shiftboard using their school IDs and passwords.  It can also do a whole lot more.

From the wiki page:

“Shibboleth is a single sign-on (log-in) system for computer networks and the Internet. It allows people to sign in using just one identity to various systems run by federations of different organizations or institutions. The federations are often universities or public service organizations.”

In addition to Shibboleth support, we are thrilled to announce our active participation as a Sponsored Partner of the InCommon Federation, a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States.

InCommon Shiftboard Scheduling Participation

Shiftboard is a Sponsored Participant in InCommon

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has sponsored Shiftboard participation within the InCommon federation.

As a workforce management and scheduling system service provider (sp) and now, a member of the InCommon identity management federation, Shibboleth SSO options are now incredibly simplified and available as a free service for any other InCommon participating organization.

From the InCommon website:

“InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States. InCommon’s identity management federation serves 8 million end-users (IPEDS data; October 2014). InCommon also operates a related assurance program, and offers certificate and multifactor authentication services.”

Does your organization use Shibboleth or other SSO technology options?

Today, getting SSO, now including Shibboleth, set up with your Shiftboard service is now easier than ever!


There are certain things that are burned into my brain. One of those things is what my 8th grade teacher said during a unit on advertising. Let me paraphrase for you, “Companies will often advertise a product as being both new and improved – how can that possibly be true?” Well, we have managed the impossible. We improved our acknowledgement tool and added some exciting new options to help with your scheduling needs and communication with your staff.

Turn Acknowledgement Tool On

Before, your members could acknowledge or accept shifts, letting you know that they saw them and were working it. They could also decline shifts, letting you know that the position needed to be filled by someone else. However, when they declined it left the assigned person in the shift until you reassigned it, that way there was a log of who was originally scheduled.

Now to the new: You can choose to have your site set so that when someone declines a shift they are automatically taken out of the shift. It will then appear as red (or available) on the calendar. We are all about options here at Shiftboard, so you can choose to either let them decline it and be taken out automatically during the same time period they can cancel their shifts (i.e. they can cancel up to seven days before the shift – the same rule would apply) or they can decline it whenever, without letting them unconfirm the shift.

This is where you can choose whether or not they can decline or decline and remove themselves from the shift.

If that wasn’t enough we went one step further. You can set your Shiftboard site so that once they have acknowledged or accepted a shift they are locked into that answer. They can’t go back to change their minds.

Here you can choose whether or not your members can change their answers.

If you want to enact any of these changes or start using acknowledgements on your site you will find the settings by going to Settings> General Settings> Application Settings. First look under Viewing Options for “Track Member Acknowledgements of assigned Shifts” and make sure that is turned to Yes. Click on the Acknowledgement Settings link and adjust accordingly. A little further down the page under Rules & Transactions you will find Acknowledgement Notifications. You can choose whether or not you want managers to be notified of what people are accepting or declining.

Don't forget that you can choose whether they can decline shifts at all.

Here at Shiftboard we know no two companies are alike so you can use some or all of these new settings.

The Support Team is here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want some help getting started with this new AND improved tool. Is this exactly the tool you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


If you’ve ever used the coordinator level within your teams, you know that they have limited access to the system. By design, coordinators are able to see confirmed shifts and suggest shifts to you by creating unpublished ones. We recently added the ability to allow coordinators to assign shifts!

To enable this new function, go to MyTeams and select the team you’d like Coordinators to be able to assign shifts. Then select the Settings tab. You’ll see an option called “Coordinator Assignments.” Change this to Yes and then hit Update Info at the top of the page.

Shiftboard is all about being flexible. Want your coordinators to assign shifts? You got it!


Feature Fun: Team Specific Availability

by Jessica on July 27, 2015


Now when putting in people's availability you can search for and attach it to a team.

Here at Shiftboard, we know there are many intricacies when it comes to creating a schedule and one that is well-balanced is a work of art. We know that people’s time is valuable and that you view your employees (or volunteers or contractors) as your greatest resource. We endeavor to make scheduling them as pain free as possible and that means addressing the nuances that come with scheduling.

One example of one of the nuances to be considered is people who wear many hats in your organization. Shiftboard has always allowed people to be on different teams – it only makes sense. But we have taken that to the next level. We have added team specific availability options.

An example of what the new dropdown looks like if you are searching for availability for a certain team.

Now we can help you better address the fact that sometimes you need information beyond whether someone is available but what you want to know is that they are available for a particular team. Whether your teams are set up by skills, sites or locations you probably share workers across a few teams. This lets you know if someone is available for a specific team. For example, Jill Smith is available as a caterer on Mondays and Wednesday but is a bartender on Fridays and Saturday. You have the option of putting that in availability. You also have the option of putting in general availability for Jill if on Thursday she can work wherever.  Or you could have a guard who works at a particular site four days a week and then works at a second site on the fifth day. You can put that in by simply adding the team (it will default to general).

Happy Scheduling!