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FLSA, Overtime Eligibility Updates, & Your Organization

What you need to know to prepare your business for changing regulations.
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Contingent Workforce Confidential

Get an insider’s perspective on staffing agency technology.
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Scheduling Operations Field Manual: Security Edition

On-Site or at HQ, Effective Operations Are Crucial
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Competitive Snapshot: Security Industry

Security is a tough business. Check out our overview of the competitive landscape for industry intel.
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Overcoming Uncertainty with Better Workforce Visibility

Check out the benefits of real-time visibility into your workforce.
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Check it Out: Your Guide to Shiftboard’s Upgraded Look & Feel – Part III

Your resource for user experience details, insights, and FAQs.
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  • Scheduling in Draft Mode October 11, 2016
    If you need to create a schedule without your workers seeing it, think you'll make a lot of changes to the schedule before it's finalized, or want to make a whole lot of shifts available all at once, you might like Draft Mode. Draft Mode enhances Shiftboard's Unpublished feature to allow you to keep shifts […]
  • The Account Document Export Tool September 27, 2016
    Ever notice the Account Document Export button on the People page and wondered what it does? It's an easy way to download contact, profile, and document information from your Shiftboard site! This is how to use it: First, set any filters on the People page that you'd like to use, like specific Workgroups or Teams, […]
  • Allow registrants to pick their Crew (Team/Workgroup) September 1, 2016
    Are you using Shiftboard's Registration tools? If not, you can work with Shiftboard's support team to build an application form for your business or event. People who fill out this form will be added to a Registration queue where you can approve or deny their request to be added to your site. If approved, all […]