Member Spotlight: KBCS 91.3

by Jessica on October 1, 2015

Volunteers hard at workWe know that building and maintaining a positive community is one of your main goals and we want to support that. Whether you want to foster a good and efficient work experience for your employees or contractors, or, you are working with volunteers and want them to have a seamless experience, we are here to help. A team who really understands the value of community is KBCS 91.3 @ Bellevue College, a community radio station located in our own backyard in the PNW.

KBCS is heard in communities from Everett to Olympia and from North Bend to Bainbridge Island. KBCS is not only supported by the community, but features members of the community within their programming in fact, most of the programming content comes from local people. The radio station gives people a chance to share their passions. Like many community powered organizations, KBCS is mostly listener supported with help from some great sponsors.

KBCS uses Shiftboard primarily to help with their fundraisers (clearly an important part of their organization). They do three large fundraisers and then a few smaller ones throughout the year. They need volunteers to be in the office, answer phones, pick up items, and more.

KBCS Membership and Administrative Director, Chelan Lippencott, said Shiftboard is a valuable tool for them, allowing team management to “set it and forget it.”

Shiftboard allows Lippencott to focus on what is really important. If you are interested in checking out the awesome content click here or if you want to volunteer, click here.

Ahhh ... the brilliant sounds of volunteering!Volunteers can pick up the shifts that work for them and get notifications, alerts, and other helpful reminders.

Ahhh….  The sweet sounds of volunteering.  ; )


Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) – InCommon

by bryan on September 4, 2015

 “Yes, we can do that too”.

People despise needing to remember lots of passwords – it’s a pain – especially inside large organizations that could have hundreds (or thousands) of web, mobile, and other network-based systems.

Single Sign On, (or “SSO”) lets users authenticate once for simple and secure access to everything else they might need.

Shiftboard makes life easier for people, especially those within large organizations, by supporting a wide range of options for Single Sign-On rather than needing to remember yet another password.

For years, Shiftboard has supported multiple, standardized SSO options including Google, Facebook, OpenID/OpenID Connect, and several SAML2-based identity management service providers such as OneLogin, Centrify, Okta.


Shiftboard supports Shibboleth

One of the most popular SSO technologies (based on SAML) used within many of the largest universities and local governments is Shibboleth, an impressive, multi-national federated identity management initiative.

Like other SSO options, Shibboleth gives your members the chance to sign into Shiftboard using their school IDs and passwords.  It can also do a whole lot more.

From the wiki page:

“Shibboleth is a single sign-on (log-in) system for computer networks and the Internet. It allows people to sign in using just one identity to various systems run by federations of different organizations or institutions. The federations are often universities or public service organizations.”

In addition to Shibboleth support, we are thrilled to announce our active participation as a Sponsored Partner of the InCommon Federation, a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States.

InCommon Shiftboard Scheduling Participation

Shiftboard is a Sponsored Participant in InCommon

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has sponsored Shiftboard participation within the InCommon federation.

As a workforce management and scheduling system service provider (sp) and now, a member of the InCommon identity management federation, Shibboleth SSO options are now incredibly simplified and available as a free service for any other InCommon participating organization.

From the InCommon website:

“InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States. InCommon’s identity management federation serves 8 million end-users (IPEDS data; October 2014). InCommon also operates a related assurance program, and offers certificate and multifactor authentication services.”

Does your organization use Shibboleth or other SSO technology options?

Today, getting SSO, now including Shibboleth, set up with your Shiftboard service is now easier than ever!


There are certain things that are burned into my brain. One of those things is what my 8th grade teacher said during a unit on advertising. Let me paraphrase for you, “Companies will often advertise a product as being both new and improved – how can that possibly be true?” Well, we have managed the impossible. We improved our acknowledgement tool and added some exciting new options to help with your scheduling needs and communication with your staff.

Turn Acknowledgement Tool On

Before, your members could acknowledge or accept shifts, letting you know that they saw them and were working it. They could also decline shifts, letting you know that the position needed to be filled by someone else. However, when they declined it left the assigned person in the shift until you reassigned it, that way there was a log of who was originally scheduled.

Now to the new: You can choose to have your site set so that when someone declines a shift they are automatically taken out of the shift. It will then appear as red (or available) on the calendar. We are all about options here at Shiftboard, so you can choose to either let them decline it and be taken out automatically during the same time period they can cancel their shifts (i.e. they can cancel up to seven days before the shift – the same rule would apply) or they can decline it whenever, without letting them unconfirm the shift.

This is where you can choose whether or not they can decline or decline and remove themselves from the shift.

If that wasn’t enough we went one step further. You can set your Shiftboard site so that once they have acknowledged or accepted a shift they are locked into that answer. They can’t go back to change their minds.

Here you can choose whether or not your members can change their answers.

If you want to enact any of these changes or start using acknowledgements on your site you will find the settings by going to Settings> General Settings> Application Settings. First look under Viewing Options for “Track Member Acknowledgements of assigned Shifts” and make sure that is turned to Yes. Click on the Acknowledgement Settings link and adjust accordingly. A little further down the page under Rules & Transactions you will find Acknowledgement Notifications. You can choose whether or not you want managers to be notified of what people are accepting or declining.

Don't forget that you can choose whether they can decline shifts at all.

Here at Shiftboard we know no two companies are alike so you can use some or all of these new settings.

The Support Team is here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want some help getting started with this new AND improved tool. Is this exactly the tool you are looking for? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


If you’ve ever used the coordinator level within your teams, you know that they have limited access to the system. By design, coordinators are able to see confirmed shifts and suggest shifts to you by creating unpublished ones. We recently added the ability to allow coordinators to assign shifts!

To enable this new function, go to MyTeams and select the team you’d like Coordinators to be able to assign shifts. Then select the Settings tab. You’ll see an option called “Coordinator Assignments.” Change this to Yes and then hit Update Info at the top of the page.

Shiftboard is all about being flexible. Want your coordinators to assign shifts? You got it!


Feature Fun: Team Specific Availability

by Jessica on July 27, 2015


Now when putting in people's availability you can search for and attach it to a team.

Here at Shiftboard, we know there are many intricacies when it comes to creating a schedule and one that is well-balanced is a work of art. We know that people’s time is valuable and that you view your employees (or volunteers or contractors) as your greatest resource. We endeavor to make scheduling them as pain free as possible and that means addressing the nuances that come with scheduling.

One example of one of the nuances to be considered is people who wear many hats in your organization. Shiftboard has always allowed people to be on different teams – it only makes sense. But we have taken that to the next level. We have added team specific availability options.

An example of what the new dropdown looks like if you are searching for availability for a certain team.

Now we can help you better address the fact that sometimes you need information beyond whether someone is available but what you want to know is that they are available for a particular team. Whether your teams are set up by skills, sites or locations you probably share workers across a few teams. This lets you know if someone is available for a specific team. For example, Jill Smith is available as a caterer on Mondays and Wednesday but is a bartender on Fridays and Saturday. You have the option of putting that in availability. You also have the option of putting in general availability for Jill if on Thursday she can work wherever.  Or you could have a guard who works at a particular site four days a week and then works at a second site on the fifth day. You can put that in by simply adding the team (it will default to general).

Happy Scheduling!


Join us with

by Jessica on July 22, 2015

A wise man once said, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.” Confucius always seems to know just want to say. Here at Shiftboard we know learning a new system is hard. In fact, it takes time, effort and energy – all things you are short on, which is why you came to us.

We want to support you in that endeavor, whether you are exploring Self Service for the first time, searching for new ways to track hours and employee information for staff or volunteers, or you are an existing customer in need of a refresher call. That is why we are crazy (okay, almost fanatical) about our screen sharing software

We literally (and we really mean that) could not be as helpful as we are without it. This is how we connect with you, our customer. It gives us the ability to not only show you what we are doing but we can actually involve you in the process so you understand your new system. We are all about that.

You get your first taste of as you go through our sales process. Our account managers use it to illustrate how our solution works. They have the chance to show you the product in all its robust glory. This way you remember it. You love it. You buy it.

Now you get to learn Shiftboard, so we get you involved. We are here to help! You will set up screen sharing sessions with a member of our support team for your trainings. Here, you and your organization take center stage. We will bring up your very own site, show you around and help you set it up. You are involved in every decision making aspect because Shiftboard needs to work for you. And since your site is private, the ability to lock meetings is crucial. We wouldn’t want someone to stumble into a meeting. requires people to put in a name and knock to join.

Not only can we show you how things looks but we can record these sessions. No one expects you to learn Shiftboard in a day but these helpful tools go a long way in that vein. As times goes on and you get more comfortable with Shiftboard we can always open up a session to help answer your more advanced questions.

Three cheers for


You Asked, We Answered – June

by Sakina on July 8, 2015

Every month, we show you which new FAQ’s have been posted to our Help section. Keep the questions coming to!

Can I adjust the amount of notifications I receive from Shiftboard?

Yes you can! Shiftboard allows you to control what notifications you receive from the system and how often you receive them.

To make this adjustment simply click on MyAccount on your Dashboard and from there to to the Notifications tab. In here you can adjust your Notification Settings as well as opting into receiving SMS/Texts from the system.

Message Delivery controls how you receive notifications from Shiftboard. The ‘Immediate’ option will provide you an individual email for each notification whereas ‘Daily’ or ‘Weekly’ will provide you a digest of notifications you would receive for the following time period. If you’re receiving too many notifications you may consider setting your Message Delivery option to ‘Daily’ or ‘Weekly’

If you have other questions or need assistance with something else be sure to click on the Feedback button on your Dashboard to get in touch!

Can I download a list of all my locations?

Yes, if you go to Settings> General Settings> All Locations (on the right, under list settings)> Click Download this Report and the system will give you an excel report.

Can I track Seniority in Shiftboard?

Yes you can! Shiftboard offers you the ability to track staff seniority through the Financial suite of tools. Seniority can then be taken into account when scheduling your staff to ensure that your most senior staff get the required positions.

If you’re interested in learning more about Seniority tracking and the Financial tools, click on the Feedback button your Dashboard to get in touch with your friendly support staff today.

Can I download manager notes?

Yes. If you want to see all manager notes (either for everyone or for one member at a time) you can download a report. To do that go to Reports> People> Manager notes. Put in your parameters and click “Get Reviews.” From there click “Download this Report.”

I added a team and it is not showing up in departments. How do I add departments?

To add a Department, click on the Settings button on the top right hand side. Select the General Settings tab and on the right you will see an Edit Departments field. Here you can add department names in bulk.

To add departments to a specific team, go to MyTeams and select the team name. Click on the Settings tab and on the right you will see an Edit Departments link.

Can I track Seniority in Shiftboard?

Yes you can! Shiftboard offers you the ability to track staff seniority through the Financial suite of tools. Seniority can then be taken into account when scheduling your staff to ensure that your most senior staff get the required positions.

If you’re interested in learning more about Seniority tracking and the Financial tools, click on the Feedback button your Dashboard to connect directly with support staff to discuss your specific situation.

Can I default all new shifts to sign up list?

Yes you can default all new shifts to be sign up list.

You can do this per profile that creates accounts. So whoever is creating the shifts, you can change their personal preferences to default to sign up list.

Go to the person’s profile, and then select the Preferences/Scheduling tab. Change the option called “Create new shifts as type” to Signup List and then select update at the top. Do this for each manager you’d like this to be set for.

How do Signup Lists work?

When creating a shift, it can be marked as “Signup List”. This option allows members to add themselves to a list to show their interest in potentially working that shift. Managers of the team can review the list of interested members and select from that list when assigning the shift.

To quickly locate sign up lists try switching into the Sign Up List View using the pull down menu located above and to the right of the Calendar (where you find Shared and Shift Views). This view will display all your sign up lists in the current month as well as indicated which have people on the lists and how many positions remain unassigned.

Can I default all new shifts to sign up list?

Yes you can default all new shifts to be sign up list.

You can do this per profile that creates shifts on the calendar. So whoever is creating the shifts, you can change their personal preferences to default to sign up list.

Go to the person’s profile, and then select the Preferences/Scheduling tab. Change the option called “Create new shifts as type” to Signup List and then select update at the top. Do this for each manager you’d like this to be set for.


Salesforce how we love thee…

by Jessica on June 22, 2015

Something that you have in common with us at Shiftboard is a love of tools (particularly tools that make your life easier). That is why you came to Shiftboard in the first place, and we work here because we have passion for our product and customer service. We also love tools and use a number of them to help us in our day to day operations as we work with new and existing customers.

One of the tools that we use tirelessly (I literally have anywhere from five to 10 tabs open at any time) is Salesforce. We use it in a couple of different ways. Our Sales team uses it to keep track of new leads as they go through our sales process from qualifying calls to signing on the dotted line. Every client is important and Salesforce helps us ensure that the sales process is as smooth and painless as possible with places to keep reminders, categories and most importantly notes. The ability to have all information about a client in one place is invaluable for our sales team but it is magical as new leads become clients and then get passed to our client success and support teams.

Salesforce helps us make that transition as smooth as possible. We already have all the notes on not only your use case, but all your interactions with your sales rep. Basically, we already know how great of a person you are and how excited you are to use Shiftboard and it makes us even more excited to work with you.

From there we can track all your interactions with us from your trainings to any other support needs you may have. This helps keep our support short, sweet and to the point (isn’t that what you really want when you need help?). And if that wasn’t enough we use Desk to answer your emails via feedback. More than that they link right up to your account. This way when you call we have everything we need in one place.

Heard from one our client success managers recently, but not too recently? That team also uses Salesforce to track how often we are getting in touch. They strive to be like goldilocks – not too frequent (we know you are busy), not too far apart (we don’t want you think we forgot about you) but we want to be just right.

While the Support Team and the Client Success Team endeavor to be superheros they can’t remember everything – Salesforce makes it so we don’t have to. So, thanks Salesforce, for making us feel like superheros. Dibs on Wonder Woman.


The World Indoor Lacrosse Championship is coming to the United States from Sept 18-27 and for the first time ever is being hosted where the sport began – The Onondaga Nation. Teams from 13 countries from across the globe will be traveling to upstate New York to compete in this once-every-four years event.

Don’t know much about Indoor Lacrosse? Neither did we, but we love learning new things at Shiftboard. Here is a primer on the game’s long history:

Lacrosse is one of the oldest team sports in North America. The original game was given as a gift from the Creator to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). This sacred game is revered by the Haudenosaunee and handed down through generations as a game of discipline and honor; it demands the purity of mind, body and spirit. Traditional games were often major events that lasted several days, drawing as many as 100 to 1,000 men from opposing villages.

If the games themselves weren’t enough, the Haundenosaunee peoples will host a Cultural Festival on the Nation during the Games.  Native dancers, musicians, artisans, and craftsmen from across North America will showcase their Nation’s history, values, traditions and talents. The Onondaga will host a Buffalo Roast to commemorate their International visitors on the Athlete’s Day of Rest prior to the Final Games.

Interested in being a part of something incredibly awesome? Shiftboard is proud to be a part of such a historic and storied event by helping recruit and schedule volunteers. Fill out their volunteer registration form to ensure you get to be at this amazing event.


Shiftboard is highly-customizable.  There is flexibility within each of the tools you choose, the fields you make visible to various people (administrators, fellow managers, coordinators, and other worker types), rules for placement, and the kinds of automatic notifications it can send out.

But did you know that you can create custom multi-picklists in your Shiftboard site that can provide highly-specific information within your schedules?

“What is a custom multi-picklist” you ask?

Like our other custom fields, the custom multi-picklist let managers create, track, filter, view, update, and report on information – from the very specific to quite general – within each of your assignments. More than one item within the picklist can be designated.

But wait – there’s more!

Beyond tracking custom information directly in assignments, managers also have the ability to tie specific lists any team and then use the pick list within the shift scheduling process. This is an often overlooked feature of the custom multi-picklist tool. Based on how teams are set up, managers can create unique picklist items per team to achieve more accurate scheduling, and reporting.

Here’s an example: ACME Security Company requires its guards to have specific gear for specific functions. The Shiftboard manager can build his or her own “required gear” picklists based on the guards’ teams (or “Posts”). The Late Night Post might have “standard uniform, flashlight, and night goggles in their “required gear” multi-picklist, while the Water Front Post might include a life vest requirement, foul-weather gear, or other informational instructions related to work happening on the water.

In short, using custom picklists makes it super easy to create shifts with the right information for the right people.

We hope this helps you with better organization, speed, and efficiency to get your scheduling done quicker and easier than ever!

To setup a custom multi-picklist for a specific team:

  1. Enable the pick list from General Setting – give it a good name!
  2. Go to MyTeams (or whatever you’ve chosen to call your teams) from the dashboard
  3. Select a team and choose the Settings tab.
  4. In the Management toolbox, click on “Edit custom picklist”.
  5. Add the items you’d like to select from when scheduling that team.