Shiftboard Solutions Overview

Tailor-Fit Scheduling for Your Workforce

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If your workforce scheduling challenges impact daily operations, worker satisfaction, and profitability, Shiftboard is for you. Shiftboard serves organizations with inherent workforce scheduling complexity, such as those with mission-critical operations or high-volume staffing requirements.

Thousands of customers count on Shiftboard to provide:

Tailor Fit SchedulingTailor-Fit Scheduling

Highly configurable solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry, organization, and location.

OptimizationContinuous Optimization

Our intelligent algorithms optimize for the best overall outcomes continuously.

Worker SchedulesHappy Workers

Provide schedules that create a win-win dynamic between the business and your workforce.

Solutions at a Glance

SchedulePro on devices
ScheduleFlex on devices

Ideal For

Production-centric organizations.

Service-centric organizations.

Industries Commonly Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Petrochemical
  • Corrections
  • Healthcare
  • Staffing
  • Call Centers
  • Public Safety

Top Use Cases

  • Demand-based scheduling
  • Site-specific scheduling process adherence
  • Labor laws, union agreements, and fatigue standards compliance
  • OT equalization
  • Continuously changing scheduling needs
  • SLA-centric scheduling
  • Employee self-scheduling
  • Field/multi-location worker scheduling

Unique Strengths

  • Staffing level and shift pattern control
  • Highly configurable scheduling workflows
  • Rich rules library and audit trail
  • Flexible OT detection and equalization
  • Shift creation based on service goals
  • Ad-hoc and event-based shift creation
  • Bottom-up scheduling management
  • Mobile punch clock and geofencing

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Decrease Worker
Turnover by 16%

Make Scheduling
30% More Efficient

Increase Shift Coverage
Rates by 88%