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Happier Employees. Optimized Workforce Capacity. Increased Efficiency.

Optimize your employee schedule with intelligent scheduling capabilities that maximize workforce capacity, increase scheduling efficiency, and boost employee engagement and retention.

Scalable platform leverages multi-tenant cloud technology with secure web and mobile app access.

Integrates with third-party systems via flat-file, open API, and pre-built integration packages.


Tailor-Fit Schedule Automation

Maximize scheduling efficiency with highly configurable automation that mirrors each plant and unit’s operation.

  • Support industry-specific scenarios such as production line changes, job rotations, emergency response team assignments, and turnarounds.
  • Automate scheduling steps matching internal procedures and union agreements.
  • Generate schedules with your operation areas, crew, and shift pattern structures.
  • Auto-block violations against employment laws, union contracts, fatigue rules, and internal policies.
Tailor Fit Schedule Automation


Proactive Worker Engagement

Improve worker satisfaction and retention with flexible, fair, and transparent schedules.

  • Track and accommodate employee schedule preferences.
  • Allow eligible workers to volunteer, pick up, trade, or decline new shifts on demand.
  • Distribute overtime fairly based on overtime balance, seniority, job classification, shift refusal history, etc.
  • Offer workers secure web and mobile access to check schedules, pick up shifts, request leave, and more.


Agile Change Management

Fill last-minute coverage gaps quickly with qualified, available, and willing workers using a plethora of day-of management tools.

  • Spot coverage gaps with a single view of staffing levels across all operating areas.
  • Backfill openings swiftly with an on-demand list of available and qualified workers.
  • Assign contingent labor to supplement staffing via volunteer signup, bidding, immediate shift pickup, and more.
  • Notify workers about schedule changes and promote new shifts with automated calls, emails, SMS, and mobile notifications.
Agile Change Management


Continuous Coverage Optimization

Create more coverage possibilities with intelligent scheduling suggestions powered by a robust, always-on optimization engine.

  • Shuffle scheduled workers before resorting to overtime and agency staffing.
  • Split shifts into segments to accommodate flex pools with varying availability.
  • Reassign underutilized workers to understaffed areas automatically.
  • Prioritize assigning workers with the lowest overtime cost implications.
  • Rotate job assignments to maintain workers’ skills proficiency across multiple posts.
Continuous Schedule Optimization


Effective Labor Demand Planning

Plan and scale staffing demand to meet production and service targets with confidence.

  • Convert production and service targets into jobs, shifts, and skill-mix requirements.
  • Ensure an adequate pool of workers for backup contingency with on-call scheduling, volunteer signup, and more.
  • Add, extend, split, or remove shifts on demand as staffing demands fluctuate.
  • Forecast long-term labor demands with advanced predictive capabilities.
Effective Labor Demand Planning


Integrated Leave Management

Streamline leave approval processes and backfill vacancies swiftly with built-in absence management tools.

  • Allow workers to submit leave requests and view their leave balance in real-time.
  • Enforce leave approval criteria such as leave allowances, staffing levels, and more.
  • Support company-specific policies surrounding paid and unpaid leaves, protected leave days, and more.
  • Update schedules instantly and backfill openings upon approval of leave requests.
Intergrated Leave Management

Seamless Timesheet Management

Capture work hours and pay codes accurately to reduce payroll errors.

  • Allow workers to submit timesheets online.
  • Auto-validate timesheet entries for errors and deviations.
  • Automate timesheet approval and amendment workflows.
  • Map and populate the correct pay codes for payroll export.
Seamless Timesheet Management

Additional Information

5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Shiftboard


Shiftboard’s software offers unparalleled configurability, so every solution is customized according to site-specific scheduling processes and rules.


Shiftboard’s always-on optimization engine uncovers easily overlooked coverage possibilities so that operations can seamlessly adapt their schedules and flex resources in response to unexpected changes.


Shiftboard offers versatile worker engagement tools so that operations can aptly support workers’ schedule preferences, resulting in higher worker satisfaction and retention.


Shiftboard stands behind its comprehensive rule engines and robust schedule auditing capabilities, with the only compliance guarantee available today.


Shiftboard offers workforce visibility and communication tools to actively accommodate worker needs and shift references, leading to reduced work-life conflicts and higher job satisfaction.

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“Shiftboard saved us ~$3M in costs and is a proven solution for API RP 755 compliance. Employee scheduling was a vital concern at an executive level — they went over and above the call of duty to meet our needs.”

Larry Heasley
HR Manager, Shell


“The team at Shiftboard met and exceeded our expectations in terms of delivery time, degree of customization, and quality of customer care. They provided us with a comprehensive scheduling solution, not just a service.”

Plant Engineer Manager
A Big 3 Auto Maker


“Shiftboard’s ability to deliver the right solution, training, and support is highly due to a true understanding of our business processes and organizational goals. It is rare to experience this level of service from software vendors.”

Stewart Williamson
Business Transformation Analyst, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

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