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Absenteeism, turnover, and recruitment are big challenges facing employers everywhere. Workers used to compete for jobs. Now, companies compete for workers. It’s a laborers’ market, and employees are looking for more than a paycheck from their employer. They want work-life balance and expect employers to understand their need for engagement, flexibility, and fairness.

Employee scheduling software helps you understand the flexibility needs of your workforce so you can create prescriptive schedules that everyone embraces.

  • Gain insights into workers’ diverse availability and preferences.
  • Create schedules based on workers’ shift preferences while ensuring coverage needs are covered.
  • Empower workers with self-service tools to access schedules, pick up shifts, trade shifts, and request leave on demand.
  • Inform workers about schedule changes and new shift opportunities so they can make timely arrangements to reduce work-life conflict.

Why Is Hourly Employee Retention So Challenging?

schedule variety

Various worker types want different schedule arrangements

automated scheduling

Employees can’t always influence their work schedules

Negative View

Difficult to balance operational needs and employee preferences

real-time communication

Keep workers informed about schedule changes and new openings in real-time.

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How Shiftboard Helps Improve Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Attract and retain top talent with flexible, transparent schedules and timely communication.


Offer Visibility into Workers’ Preferences

Provides workers greater influence over their schedules with self-serve capabilities to indicate their availability and shift preference. By engaging workers proactively, you can better understand what schedule flexibility means to them and create schedules that everyone embraces.


Accommodate Workers’ Needs at Key Decision Points

Shiftboard provides an on-demand list of qualified workers to help you fill last-minute shift openings, including employees’ specified availability and preferences. With rich worker profile information at your fingertips, you can support worker preferences and prevent no-shows and shift turndowns.


Empower Workers with Self-Service Tools

Empower workers with the ability to access schedules 24/7, pick up shifts, trade shifts, and request leave via secure web and mobile applications. By enabling workers with self-service capability, you can offer greater schedule transparency and allow employees to make timely personal arrangements to reduce work-life conflict.


Maximize Communication Reach

Auto-notify schedule changes and promote new shifts using message broadcasts, mobile apps, SMS, automated calls, and emails. With a plethora of communication tools to choose from, you can maximize audience reach with workers’ preferred mode of interaction and avoid frustrations due to outdated schedule information.

Shiftboard has helped our employees get more visibility into their work schedules and make changes on the go. It is easy to use and has provided more structure to our scheduling process.

Tyler Blake
Senior HR Generalist, Daisy Brand

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we frequently hear from people looking for
employee retention topics. If you don’t see yours, please reach out.

  • How does Shiftboard contribute to hourly employee satisfaction and retention?

    Shiftboard’s solutions bolster job satisfaction and work-life balance by providing self-service tools for accessing schedules, picking up shifts, trading shifts, and requesting leave, all through secure web and mobile applications.

  • Can hourly employees manage their schedules via Shiftboard?

    Yes, hourly employees can view, manage, and request changes to their schedules from any connected device, giving them greater control and flexibility.

  • How does Shiftboard support fair scheduling practices?

    Shiftboard’s algorithms ensure shifts are fairly allocated based on availability, seniority, skills, and other criteria set by the employer to maintain an equitable work environment.