ScheduleFlex Software

Workforce Scheduling for
Service-Centric Organizations

ScheduleFlex Software Overview

ScheduleFlex is purpose-built for service-centric organizations in industries such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Public Safety
  • Call Centers
  • Staffing
ScheduleFlex Overview

Eliminate Scheduling Chaos

Respond quickly and efficiently to changing labor needs to deliver on your service-level agreements (SLAs). Add or change shifts on the fly and automatically assign them to qualified and available employees. Robust day-of scheduling tools provide your frontline managers with the ability to efficiently handle last-minute changes such as unexpected callouts and service demand swings.

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Empower Mobile Work

Service organizations often have on-the-go employees who split time between departments or locations. Mobile-based and timely communications keep you and your workforce closely connected to keep everyone in the know and operations running smoothly.

Unlock Workforce Capacity

With a diverse mix of full-time, part-time and even temporary workers, service organizations can find it challenging to understand and leverage the true capacity of their workforce. ScheduleFlex provides managers clear visibility into available and qualified resources, resulting in higher shift coverage and less overtime.

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Flexible, Dynamic Scheduling

From top-down to bottom-up scheduling, ScheduleFlex offers multiple scheduling options to meet the needs of each department or location.

  • Provide managers with the ability to organize their teams to optimize scheduling for their department.
  • Share scheduling responsibilities across multiple managers, even if at different locations.
  • Cater schedule processes to your workforce makeup. Choose one approach for full-time employees and another for part-time employees who may need more scheduling flexibility.
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Agile Schedule Change Management

Ensure schedulers and frontline managers never skip a beat when staffing needs change.

  • Auto-fill shifts tied to unexpected callouts or no-shows with qualified workers.
  • Create flex pools of versatile workers who can fill multiple roles or time slots.
  • Empower frontline managers to respond to issues directly from their mobile devices.
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Real-Time Communication

Keep operations running smoothly with timely and targeted communications.

  • Automate worker communications tied to schedule updates, newly available shifts, and more via SMS, notifications, and emails.
  • Easily send timely news, updates, or targeted communications to select individuals, departments, or the entire site.
  • Provide managers up-to-the-minute status of shift updates and employee availability changes automatically.
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Worker-Friendly Schedules

Access a rich set of features to engage employees in the scheduling process and ensure fairness.

  • Provide employees anytime, anywhere access to view schedules, pick up shifts, trade shifts and more.
  • Enable workers to indicate availability and shift preferences as well as volunteer for additional assignments.
  • Automatically enforce shift assignment rules, such as seniority to ensure fairness
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Intelligent Workforce Flexing

Provides visibility into your entire workforce regardless of full-time, part-time, or contingent staff so you can maximize the current resources you have.

  • Track employee schedule flexibility, their interest in additional shifts, and OT status to fully leverage your available workforce capacity.
  • Share workers across departments and locations to respond quickly to labor demand needs.
  • Tag specific shifts for immediate shift pickup by qualified part-time, contingent, and contract workers.
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Additional Features

Demand PlannerDemand Planner

Automatically create schedules based upon historical or projected demand patterns to avoid under or over scheduling.

Applicant TrackingApplicant Tracking

Manage applicant screening processes. Ensure new hires have completed all required job-related training before they become eligible to work.

TimeclockTime Clock and Geofencing

Mobile and station-based time clocks enable employees to clock in and out for shifts. Combine with geofencing to ensure time clocking occurs on location.

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