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Workforce Communication

The Indispensable Sidekick to Scheduling Automation Scheduling automation has revolutionized the way businesses schedule their hourly workforce....

Infographic: 7 Steps to Successful Staff Shift Schedules

Shiftboard has a new infographic – Seven steps world-class organizations use to cut through the complexity of scheduling large staffs.

Staff Scheduling as a Competitive Advantage

It should come as no surprise that smart staff scheduling can be a competitive advantage. Growing headcount, newly minted laws, time-off request… Everything adds to the complexity. Businesses need help and having the right tools will create opportunities.

Should Your Company Adopt Predictive Scheduling Policies?

One out of every six employees in the U.S. works in a shift-based job with an irregular schedule. Erratic schedules transfer the cost of unforeseen downturns in customer demand from the employer onto personnel. Predictive scheduling preserves the work-life balance and financial stability of employees through fair-minded shift scheduling. Find out why employers, unions and law makers are all getting onboard.

Four Ways to Manage Your Event Staff Using QR Codes

Did you know you can use a QR code at conferences, events and festivals to handle mobile timekeeping, ID verification, & more?

5 Benefits of Using Demand Forecasting to Optimize Staff Schedules

Workplaces can use demand estimates to schedule the perfect number of employees at all times, neither understaffing peak periods nor overstaffing slow ones. Learn all about the five benefits demand forecasting can deliver to your organization.

Scheduling Resources

Featured Member: Anchorage International Film Festival

The Anchorage International Film Festival, founded in 2001, is attended by over 9,000 people each year. Running from December 5-14, AIFF is the only multi-genre international film event in the state. This year, don't miss the opening night gala featuring the film...

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Featured Member: Denver Film Festival

The Denver Film Festival runs from November 12th - 23rd and showcases over 200 films. The first festival was held on May 4, 1978 and has continued every year since. This year, the festival's focus is on the films of Brazil. The Big Night presentation for this year on...

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Featured Member: AFI Fest

AFI FEST is coming! The American Film Institute's annual celebration of international cinema starts November 6th. The festival marks Los Angeles' longest running international film festival having started in 1971. Opening this year's festival is "A Most Violent Year."...

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Features Spotlight

Feature Friday: Bulk Sign Up

Using Shiftboard, it's easy to post shifts and have your employees pick them up themselves. Why should you do all the work? Well, we've made it even easier for your employees too! Introducing Bulk Sign Up from List View! On the calendar, select the List icon to view...

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Keeping Your Data Secure

At Shiftboard we take the security of your data very seriously. As such, we have recently upgraded all of our SSL certificates and HTTPS settings to ensure we continue to be on the forefront of Internet security. In order to ensure that all of our users are receiving...

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Feature Friday: Standby List

During many situations in life, it's a good thing to have a backup. Shiftboard makes this easy with our Standby List! If someone cancels or doesn't show up for a shift, Shiftboard can easily fill in someone to work automatically if they've requested to be on standby...

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Rank Employees with the Account Scoring Tool

Ranking systems can be extremely helpful in many types of organizations. Having a way to attach a score to each employee allows you to specifically find the right set of people at the right time. Is there a high profile event coming up where you only need your best...

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