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Intelligent Scheduling for Warehouse Operations

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Ensure Smooth Operations

Avoid disruptions caused by unexpected changes in labor demand or last-minute employee call-outs.

  • Auto-fill open shifts with available and qualified employees.
  • Instantly communicate last-minute schedule changes and shift openings to employees.
  • Easily tap underutilized, part-time, and contingent resources to cover unexpected demand spikes.
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Control Overtime Costs

Reduce labor costs through improved visibility into overtime status and alternative resource assignment options.

  • Gain visibility into current and forecasted overtime status by worker.
  • Identify and assign available straight-time employees before bringing in overtime.
  • Leverage alternative labor pools, including part-time and contingent workers, to avoid pushing full-time staff to overtime.
Control overtime costs

Reduce Absenteeism

Avoid no-shows or last-minute absents through work schedule flexing and real-time communication.

  • Offer employees flexibility and control over their schedules with options like shift pickup, shift refusal, volunteer OT, shift trades.
  • Send automatic notifications about schedule changes and openings.
  • Identify and support disengaged employees proactively with absence and attendance pattern data.
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5 Reasons Why Warehouses Choose Shiftboard


Robust Day-of Schedule Management

Fill last-minute shifts quickly with instant visibility into available, qualified employees by location. Quickly engage and auto-confirm eligible workers.


Engaging Employee Apps

Intuitive, easy-to-use apps provide employees 24/7 access to their schedules, automated notifications, and the ability to find additional shift opportunities.


Intelligent Resource Flexing

Leverage virtual employee flex pools of part-time workers, contractors, and your most versatile employees to tap hidden resource capacity and respond to changing labor needs.


Automated Communications

With Shiftboard, schedule changes trigger automated communications to all impacted employees. Shift-reminders and shift confirmation features keep everyone synched and operations running smoothly.


Optimized Schedules for Each Warehouse Area

Create optimized schedules that consider employee overtime scenarios, qualifications, and worker availability by warehouse area.

Employee Scheduling for Manufacturing: A Best Practices Guide

Learn six best practices to develop an employee scheduling strategy to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Shiftboard for Manufacturing Solution Sheet 

Learn more about how Shiftboard’s solutions can help you lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we frequently hear from people looking for
scheduling software for warehousing industry. If you don’t see yours, please reach out.

  • How does Shiftboard tackle the fast-paced scheduling needs of the warehousing industry?

    Shiftboard for warehousing offers dynamic scheduling tools that quickly adapt to changes in supply chain demands and workforce availability, ensuring that warehouses are always properly staffed.

  • Can Shiftboard’s software integrate with warehouse management systems (WMS)?

    Yes, Shiftboard can integrate with various WMS to enhance data accuracy, improve labor tracking, and streamline processes.

  • How does Shiftboard help reduce labor costs for warehousing operations?

    By optimizing shift schedules to avoid overstaffing and minimize overtime, Shiftboard cuts labor costs and increases operational efficiency.

  • Does Shiftboard facilitate employee training and certification tracking for warehousing staff?

    Shiftboard tracks employee qualifications, certifications, and training records to ensure that only eligible individuals are scheduled for specific tasks requiring certification.