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Spending Too Much Time on Nurse Shift Scheduling and Float Pool Management?

Whether you’re working in a single hospital or across multiple sites, the constant changes of nurse shift scheduling can be difficult to manage. Shiftboard’s nurse scheduling software automates processes you might usually do by hand or in Excel.

  • check markManage the shift schedule online 24/7
  • check markView nurse schedules & update availability from app
  • check markInstantly identify coverage gaps
  • check markManage your nurse roster proactively with real-time reports
  • check markAvoid unnecessary overtime with optimized schedules
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Nurse Scheduling Software Features

At Shiftboard we have tailored our powerful nurse scheduling software so that you can easily manage nurses across healthcare facilities and roles. Shiftboard can help you:

  • Streamline communication with your nurses without having to hit the phone tree every time there’s a change in start time or location. Instead, stay connected with text messages, alerts and notifications for new shifts and last-minute updates.
  • Fill shifts quickly and accurately—ensure every job is filled by a nurse with the right skills and certifications.
  • Manage complex float pool scheduling with the ability to schedule for multiple locations from one central schedule and avoid double booking staff members across locations.
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  • Enable self-scheduling on some or many shifts to save time and reduce headaches for both nurses and schedulers.
  • View coverage gaps and real-time schedule status.
  • Free up managers for value-add activities instead of bogging them down in the day-to-day tactics of scheduling, canceling, calling, trading shifts, etc.
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