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Safeguard Caregivers’ Well-Being

Cultivate a happy and engaged workforce by offering nurses greater flexibility, fairness, and influence over their schedules.

  • Post new shifts and allow eligible nurses to see and request them instantly.
  • Optimize schedules based on caregivers’ indicated shift preferences.
  • Empower nursing staff with the ability to influence their work schedule and select shifts.
Optimized schedules

Ensure Shift Coverage

Take the hassle out of filling last-minute shifts to meet changing patient loads.

  • Give nursing leads a real-time view of coverage gaps that require rapid response.
  • Find backfills quickly with an auto-generated list of available, qualified, and willing workers.
  • Promote and track shift acceptance with SMS, emails, and mobile apps.
shift Coverage

Lower Overtime Costs

Drive higher cost-efficiency by tapping hidden resources before incurring overtime.

  • Place limits on nurses’ schedulable hours to avoid excessive overtime.
  • Automatically schedule shifts with eligible employees who have lower overtime cost implications.
  • View expected overtime costs to ensure you stay on track with goals and budget.
Lower Overtime Costs

5 Reasons Why Nursing Directors Choose Shiftboard


Day-Of Shift Coverage Tools

Fill shifts quickly and accurately to ensure every shift is filled by a nurse with the right skills and certifications. View coverage gaps and real-time schedule status to ensure coverage across all departments.


Fast, Efficient Scheduling

Free up scheduling leads for higher value activities by automating key steps in the scheduling process such as shift assignments, call-out management, and more.


Easy Float Pool Management

Use one central schedule to ease the complexity of float pool scheduling and avoid double-booking staff across multiple locations.


Real-Time Staff Communication

Streamline communication with your nurses without having to hit the phone tree every time there’s a last-minute change. Instead, stay connected with automated calls, text messages, alerts, and notifications announcing new shifts and last-minute updates.


Self-Serve Employee Access

Save time and reduce scheduling headaches for nurses and schedulers by empowering staff to view their schedules on-demand, confirm new shift assignments instantly, and trade shifts with confidence.

3 Benefits Employee Scheduling Software Brings to Healthcare

Learn about the top ways healthcare providers benefit when staff scheduling software is implemented.

Shiftboard is a lifesaver. It has saved our company thousands in overtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we frequently hear from people looking for
software for nurse scheduling. If you don’t see yours, please reach out.

  • Can Shiftboard accommodate the varying shift lengths and patterns common in nursing?

    Definitely. Shiftboard’s nurse schedulingsoftware offers flexible and customizable scheduling to adapt to various shift lengths and patterns necessary in nursing.

  • How does Shiftboard address nurse burnout with its scheduling tools?

    Shiftboard helps prevent nurse burnout by providing equitable distribution of shifts, incorporating rest periods, and enabling shift-swapping to ensure work-life balance.

  • Can nurses access their schedules remotely through Shiftboard?

    Yes, the Shiftboard mobile app allows nurses to access their schedules remotely, allowing them to receive updates and request changes from any internet-connected device.

  • How does Shiftboard help in handling emergency staffing situations in healthcare?

    Shiftboard simplifies managing sudden staffing needs by providing nursing leads with a live overview of coverage gaps for swift action. It quickly identifies available, qualified, and willing workers through an automated list and enhances shift fill rates by utilizing SMS, emails, and mobile apps for promotion and acceptance tracking.