Accurate, User-Friendly Call Center Staff Scheduling Software

Online Call Center Scheduling Software: Manage Hourly Staffing in Real Time

Customer support and call center staff scheduling requires around-the-clock management. To succeed, teams need agile scheduling tools. Shiftboard’s staff scheduling solution helps you staff virtual, global, and in-house call centers. Additionally, our demand planning tools let you staff proactively, control costs, and keep top agents. That way, you can focus on providing great service instead of scheduling.


Real-time Gantt chart views of 24/7 call coverage, auto-scheduling, and staggered breaks.


Improve hiring and turnover. Let employees sign up and swap shifts using criteria that work for your call center.


An accurate, real-time calendar keeps everyone on point and eliminates scheduler headaches.


Virtual call centers are easy to manage with a 100% web-based solution. It’s accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

Guide: How to Schedule Your Hourly Employees

Customize Call Center Scheduling & Visibility

Shiftboard’s software allows you to move your call center’s schedule online. Forget phone calls, spreadsheets, whiteboards, and post-it notes when it comes to call center staff scheduling.

With Shiftboard any employee schedule maker can easily organize vacation requests, shift swaps, and instantly find last minute subs. Save money with coverage charts and scheduling forecasts detailing overtime, under time, and time off.

Schedule Your Call Center Smarter

Call center staffing scheduling software lets you easily view coverage levels and staff specialties. With Shiftboard, you can also prioritize tasks by channel to optimize staffing, improve service, and control costs.

Shiftboard’s demand planning tools let you create schedules based on in-bound metrics and your goal service levels. We help you schedule your workforce more effectively so that you can improve performance, reduce overtime, and boost your bottom line.

Communicate Clearly and Improve Employee Accountability

Employee coordination is simple with online schedule access, real-time updates, and instant communication. Shiftboard can handle multiple call center locations, too.

Always know exactly who’s working and when they clocked in. Automated shift alerts for call center employees get the right people to the right place, on time, every time. Improve communication with instant text alerts. Shiftboard shows you who’s available, making it easier to find last-minute substitutes.

More Effective Employee Scheduling

Manage proactively with real-time reports for labor forecasting and coverage to identify issues and avoid cost overruns.

User-friendly means no software to install, easy on-boarding, and lifetime support. Shiftboard helps you cover call center staff scheduling emergencies.

Open Web Services API integrates with your CTI switch, time tracking system, or data warehouse to make reporting easy.

Shiftboard can handle contact center employee scheduling for all kinds of workforces, from help desks to call centers.

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