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Efficient, Compliant, and Fair Vacation Bidding

Vacation bidding, powered by Zaddons, is an extension of Shiftboard’s advanced employee scheduling software. This powerful solution is designed to help you achieve unmatched efficiency, rigorous compliance, and higher employee satisfaction when managing time off.

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Elevate Vacation Bidding

Zaddons simplifies manual leave management processes, allowing managers to invest more time in team and business growth. Our robust integration elevates time-off management by ensuring fairness and transparency while minimizing scheduling errors, which can lead to union violations and employee grievances.


Automate Your Unique Vacation Bidding Process

  • Configure bidding round periods, deadlines, and approval processes for employee groups or teams.
  • Auto-enforce company policies and union contracts.
  • Set vacation quotas that align with your staffing strategy, ensuring optimal staffing levels.


Ensure Vacation Allocations are Fair and Transparent

  • Eliminate errors in applying vacation entitlements and limits.
  • Gain real-time insights into the bidding process via an intuitive dashboard.
  • Make data-driven decisions with specialized reports on bidding activities.


Streamline Vacation Bidding and Scheduling Workflows

  • Leverage existing data for a quick and easy vacation bidding setup.
  • Transition effortlessly between scheduling and vacation bidding tasks.
  • Keep your schedules up-to-date automatically, eliminating manual adjustments.


Empower Employees with Self-Service Features

  • Offer the flexibility to bid for vacations on the go from any device.
  • Provide real-time updates on bid statuses and priority standings.
  • Keep your team informed with automated notifications on vacation periods and results.

Optimize Vacation Bidding

Learn how the Shiftboard-Zaddons seamless solution optimizes the leave management process to achieve unmatched efficiency, coverage accuracy, rules compliance, and scheduling fairness.

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