Turn Scheduling Into a Strategic Advantage

Reduce labor costs, eliminate no-shows, improve team communication, and streamline operations. Move beyond spreadsheets with Shiftboard’s employee scheduling software.

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Lower Labor Costs

Eliminate scheduling headaches. Meet your organization’s unique scheduling needs and easily handle changes with Shiftboard’s employee scheduling tool.

  • Advanced rules engine – align shifts to fit complex scheduling and overtime rules.
  • Auto-fill shifts – auto-assign shifts, helping to reduce fatigue and manage overtime.
  • Automate notifications – communicate schedules and shift changes automatically.
Laptop showing graph going up next to money to show reduced costs with automated workforce scheduling software

Improve Workforce Efficiency

Use historical information to better predict demand, optimize shift assignment for employee schedules, and track labor costs with automated workforce scheduling.

  • Reduce overtime – control overtime costs and track labor costs and easily compare them to your budget.
  • Align schedule to demand – forecast demand to create your schedule.
  • Optimize schedule – auto-assign people to optimize labor coverage.
Messaging bubbles with tablet and laptop show mobility of employee scheduling app

Boost Employee Engagement

Streamline communication processes between managers and employees. Get immediate responses with mobile texting. These features ensure workers are at the right place at the right time.

  • Pick up or sign up for shifts – assign or post open shifts for pickup.
  • Instant message – use two-way texting for faster shift pickup.
  • Group notifications – message everyone in your organization or just a targeted few people.
Shiftboard scheduling software includes worker profile information

Track Compliance

Maintain labor law compliance and eliminate scheduling errors by tracking labor contracts, employee credentials, seniority rules, mandatory rest periods and more, all within Shiftboard.

  • Track credentials – store credentials, expiration dates, and documentation.
  • Compliance alerts – automatically alert workforce of upcoming credential expirations.
  • Shift blocking – prevent workers with expired credentials from being scheduled.
Messaging bubbles with tablet and laptop

Increase Productivity

Managers can add or approve shift changes on the go. With automated employee scheduling, managers can also enable employees to view their own schedules, manage availability, and seamlessly trade shifts–on any device.

  • Manage availability – pick up shifts and update availability.
  • Mobile apps – manage schedules and info on any device.
  • Trade shifts – provide open trading or require manager approval for trades.

Shiftboard’s employee scheduling tools are configurable to the way you work.

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