How To Boost Employee Engagement Tool Kit:

Free Resources to Help You Boost Your Hourly Employee Engagement

Studies have shown that better employee engagement leads to lower turnover, higher employee satisfaction, and increased productivity. The resources in this toolkit are meant to help you achieve higher employee engagement with your hourly workers. Some of the concepts you will learn are how to leverage strategic communication to boost employee engagement, the impact of disengagement, and how to improve your employee scheduling process. By unlocking this tool kit, you have gained permanent access to these resources. Feel free to refer back to it as many times as you want, and be sure to check back for newly added content.

Employee Engagement Guide

Happy employees are loyal employees. Discover how and why better employee communication can be the key to unlocking better employee engagement.

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Employee Communication Blog Post

See how improving communication to better employee engagement can lead to bottom-line benefits.

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Communication Challenges Webinar

Learn about the hidden communication challenges around scheduling hourly employees and how to avoid them.

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Employee Engagement Checklist

A 3 step checklist to help you build strong hourly employee engagement through better communication

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Bloodworks Case Study

Learn how Bloodworks fixed their volunteer management and communcation issues with the help of Shiftboard.

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Scheduling Automation ROI

Discover why the benefits of Shiftboard scheduling automation software go well and beyond easier employee scheduling.

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Strategic Communication Infographic

Using our years of cross-industry experience, we present you 6 must dos to successfully leverage strategic communication to boost employee engagement.

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Shiftboard Communication Product Feature

Take a look at our communications product teaser video to see how it can help you!

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