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Workforce scheduling sits at the crucial intersection between business operations and the regulations that govern them. These regulations are numerous, complex, and ever-changing, which makes compliance difficult to manage using manual practices. Today’s workplace requires workforce scheduling software with built-in compliance capabilities to ensure compliance throughout the scheduling lifecycle.

  • Automate rule checks against all requirements simultaneously, so a fully compliant schedule is generated with ease and speed.
  • Apply configurable business logic automatically, so rules changes, and company roll-out, can be executed seamlessly.
  • Gain meaningful insights into the tradeoffs between shift coverage needs and compliance requirements, so that scheduling decisions can be justified with confidence.

What Makes Compliance So Challenging?


The rules are numerous and complex


Requirement changes are difficult to operationalize efficiently


Tradeoffs between requirements are challenging to identify

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From error prevention to exception management to auditing, Shiftboard’s SchedulePro provides full compliance – guaranteed.

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How Shiftboard Helps with Compliance

Shiftboard takes a proactive approach to scheduling compliance, which is why industries with strict compliance regulations choose us. From detecting violations to providing impact insights, to tracking rule overrides, and more, you’ll rest assured that all potential compliance risks are fully considered before employees receive their schedules. We are so confident our technology will meet your diverse and complex compliance requirements that we offer the market’s only compliance guarantee.


Comprehensive Rule Coverage

Shiftboard’s SchedulePro business logic is configurable, so it’s highly capable of covering compliance requirements for most industries. In addition to skills and qualifications tracking, our robust technology tackles the full range of rule types, including rest periods, maximum shift lengths, and employee assignment order.


Proactive Compliance

Shiftboard automates complicated and time-consuming rule checking throughout the scheduling lifecycle, so only employees who satisfy all criteria can be assigned a shift. With automated compliance rules, you can publish employee schedules quickly, and with greater confidence.


Prevent Violations with Education

When employees are not eligible for shifts due to labor compliance issues, our software offers a clear explanation of every rule violation. Armed with the right context, schedulers and front-line managers can easily justify their scheduling decisions while becoming more knowledgeable about labor compliance issues.


Track and Audit

When rules must be overridden to accommodate unique or urgent needs, Shiftboard keeps a record of the violation, along with the justification for it. Automating deviations tracking reduces the headache of audits and helps foster an accountable and transparent culture within your organization.

A huge benefit of using Shiftboard’s SchedulePro software is being able to identify potential grievance situations before assigning shifts to our employees. One of SchedulePro’s built-in reports can analyze our entire schedule, allowing us to re-arrange the shifts before finalizing and distributing it to our employees. The ability to systematically check for compliance has been the main factor in reducing the number of union grievances.”

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