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Fill Vacancies with Precision
and Ease

Automate complex and time-consuming tasks so that coverage is attained quickly and accurately.

  • Identify the best employees sooner with a list automatically validated for rules compliance, bargaining agreements, shift eligibility and lowest cost implications.
  • Offer employees flexible options such as shift bids, shift trades, and volunteer sign-up lists to maximize shift coverage.
  • Ensure all aspects of the schedule are covered when managing on-call and incident response scenarios including emergency response, turnaround, and on-call rotation.
Fill Vacancies with Precision and Ease

Scheduling Workflows to Match the Way You Work

Follow your unique scheduling and backfill processes so that employee assignments are standardized, fair, and error-free.

  • Fill vacancies with a list of employees automatically prioritized by the search methods and the sort order required by internal policies or bargaining agreements.
  • Rotate overtime offers among employees to provide fair overtime opportunities while reducing employee grievances.
  • Set up proficiency requirements for critical jobs and receive schedule rotation suggestions to ensure employees’ proficiency levels are current.

Full Fatigue and Safety Compliance

Access comprehensive fatigue rules libraries and audit reports for PHMSA, API RP 755, custom Hours-of-Service, and more. Track and justify decisions when exceptions need to be made.

  • Validate schedules against a complete set of fatigue rules and be assured that no scheduling scenarios or requirements are overlooked.
  • Receive instant feedback and explanation of your compliance status so you can rectify issues proactively.
  • Track exceptions and justifications to diagnose scheduling decisions with ease and confidence.
Full Compliance of Fatigue Regulations and Guidelines

5 Reasons Oil and Gas Companies Choose Shiftboard


Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Turnaround Scheduling

Handle industry-specific scenarios to ensure your schedule satisfies all aspects of operational needs.


Complete PHMSA and API RP 755 Rulesets Coverage

Deliver fatigue management commitments with full confidence leveraging built-in rules sets and reporting functionality.


Custom Overtime Detection and Distribution Methods

Reduce overtime allocation errors and employee grievances by matching the exact overtime counting and distribution methods in your OT policy or bargaining agreement.


Instant Compliance Feedback and Audit Log

Proactively address rules violations with real-time status checks. Back up your decision with audit log data including action owners and sequence of events.


Employee Self-Service

Empower employees with secured web and mobile app access to view schedules, trade shifts, pick up additional shifts, request time off, and more.

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Shiftboard’s SchedulePro saved us almost $3M in costs and is a proven solution for API RP 755 compliance. Employee scheduling was a vital concern at an executive level — They went over and above the call of duty to meet our needs.

Shell Oil Larry Heasley,
HR Manager, Shell

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