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Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management

Shiftboard is a cloud-based scheduling and workforce management platform built around the hourly worker where scheduling is at the center of day-to-day operations. By closely connecting industry-leading scheduling automation with essential workforce management capabilities you can easily make schedules, optimize costs, increase productivity and improve workforce satisfaction.

Shiftboard’s Customer Impact

Arrow Down 50%

On average, customers see a 50% reduction in time spent on legal compliance processes when using the Shiftboard platform.

Arrow Up $810k

On average, stores using Shiftboard saw a 5% increase in revenue per scheduled employee. In one franchise this totaled a revenue increase of $810k per year.

Arrow Down 50%

Many customers have seen a 50% reduction in total hours spent on managing and updating their employee schedules.

Why Shiftboard

Most hourly workforce operations are anything but simple. Producing consistently great results while managing labor costs and adjusting to constantly changing business needs is no easy task.

Shiftboard is purpose-built to optimize complex workforce operations. What makes us different is we don’t take a one-size-fits all approach. We understand that to truly optimize, technology needs to fit how you work. With Shiftboard you get:

  • Unrivaled configuration flexibility to tailor fit Shiftboard to your needs
  • Advanced scheduling automation to optimize labor costs and avoid chaos
  • Real-time communication to engage your workforce and improve productivity

Shiftboard has been scheduling the world’s most demanding hourly workforces for over a decade. We can help you fundamentally change your business for the better.

The Shiftboard Platform

Shiftboard Platform


Forget spreadsheets, whiteboards and post-it notes. Shiftboard automates the scheduling process allowing you to:

  • Forecast resources and quickly build schedules
  • Assign the best people to fit the job
  • Adjust your schedule in real-time

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Better Workforce Communication

Shiftboard helps you engage your employees by providing a rich set of communication tools and employee self serve capabilities. Ensure employees know exactly when and where they need to be. Connect with employees in real-time to avoid issues that result in missed shifts and last minute chaos.

Time & Attendance

Shiftboard makes it easy to simplify timekeeping and improve worker accountability.

  • Offer flexible clock-in/clock out options
  • Automate timecard creation
  • Create pre-formatted payroll import files

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Reporting & Analytics

With Shiftboard’s extensive library of reports, quickly view what matters to you to gain actionable insights. Shiftboard reports cover the full spectrum of workforce management including: shift data reports, workforce statistics, team information, financial records, timekeeper information, and more!

Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

Workforce management starts with getting new hires ready to work. With Shiftboard you can:

  • Manage the applicant screening process
  • Track new hires through required onboarding
  • Document completed trainings

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Streamlined Integration Services

Shiftboard seamlessly integrates with hundreds of payroll, HRIS, and time management solutions. From pre-formatted payroll reports and automated file exports to full two-way integrations with HRM systems, Shiftboard has you covered.

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