Shiftboard Announces Record-Breaking Growth and Momentum Among Manufacturers in North America

Shiftboard Announces Record-Breaking Growth and Momentum Among Manufacturers in North America

Labor shortages drive need for greater workforce flexibility and higher worker retention

SEATTLE – April 20, 2022Shiftboard, a global leader in workforce scheduling for mission-critical operations, today announced record-breaking growth and momentum among manufacturers in North America, doubling Shiftboard’s manufacturing revenue year-over-year as of the first quarter of 2022.

“Our growth can be attributed to the manufacturing sector’s rapid adoption of automated employee scheduling technologies – a trend that’s expected to grow as shift-based operations address the ongoing challenges of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and constantly fluctuating demand for labor,” said Shiftboard CEO Sterling Wilson. “Shiftboard is a leading solution for manufacturers because it enables a worker-friendly approach to operational agility.”

A shift toward worker-friendly operational strategies

There has been a notable shift toward companies embracing worker-friendly strategies to retain employees and attract new ones. Organizations have leveraged Shiftboard’s automated, data-driven technology to meet operational goals while significantly improving the employee experience of shift work, reducing turnover, and boosting job satisfaction.

“With Shiftboard, our associates have more influence over their schedules, including advance schedule visibility and shift trading,” said Corey Gilchrist, Shamrock Foods Company vice president of total rewards and HRIS. “Improving the employee experience with this kind of flexibility is key to attracting and retaining employees.”

Today’s market climate requires manufacturers to shift their approach to managing production planning and staffing. “Day-of production adjustments happen – but with today’s frequent supply chain issues and ongoing staff shortages, these manufacturers must find ways to be more agile,” explained Sachin Agrawal, Shiftboard chief technology officer. “Innovations in workforce-scheduling technology, such as Shiftboard’s demand-based scheduling capability, empower production planners and employee schedulers to collaborate in real time to ensure staff schedules align to production goals every day – even when things unexpectedly change.”

A proven approach to improve workforce operations

Shiftboard has earned the trust of HR and operations leaders from North America’s largest manufacturers, including Medline, Shamrock Foods, BASF, Shell, and Daisy Brands.

With Shiftboard, operators can fully harness their workforce capacity while lowering overall labor costs and improving worker satisfaction. “Our customers, on average, see an 88% improvement in shift coverage, a 16% reduction in turnover, and an 86% increase in job satisfaction,” added Wilson.

“Shiftboard has really gone the extra mile for us in our workforce transformation initiative,” said Wes Swearingin, Medline Industries senior vice president of operations. “They’ve been a true partner, helping us to realize our vision for improved workforce operations as we expand and grow our business in today’s dynamic climate.”

Continued innovation focused on manufacturing challenges

Shiftboard continues to invest in new functionality to help manufacturers run their shift-based operations efficiently and improve the quality of employment for workers. Recently launched product enhancements include:

  • Shift Divide and Shuffle: Ensures full coverage across multiple jobs when qualification constraints prevent shifts from being covered by one person. This feature automates full- and half-shift job assignments while adhering to site-specific scheduling rules.
  • Demand-Based Scheduling: Empowers manufacturing production planners and workforce schedulers with a collaborative way to match specific production goals to precise staffing requirements on a production-line basis.
  • Enhanced Labor Forecasting: Uses historical and real-time data to predict labor needs with high accuracy — an essential for high-volume, labor-intensive operations where establishing precise location-specific labor patterns is critical for schedule optimization.
  • Employee Shift Pickup: Allows employees to self-select their shift assignments via web or mobile app. Employees experience more autonomy over their work schedules, while schedulers gain a highly efficient way to secure coverage for urgent, critical shifts.

The company’s innovations also have earned it several industry accolades, most recently a gold award for excellence in technology by Brandon Hall Group, a leading independent human capital management research and analyst firm, for “best advance in time and labor management.”

About Shiftboard

Shiftboard is a leading provider of employee scheduling software for shift-based operations in mission-critical industries. Backed by Shiftboard’s tailor-fit solutions, organizations can build adaptive workforce operations that increase operational agility, optimize labor resources, and accommodate workers’ preferences, leading to improved efficiency and higher worker satisfaction and retention rates. To date, Shiftboard has supported over 630 million scheduled shifts for thousands of customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, providing the employment pipeline for $66 billion in wages earned. For more information, please visit Shiftboard.