When you’re managing workforces of hundreds or even thousands of employees, the impact of employee scheduling reaches far beyond the way work is organized. It plays a central role in meeting your most important business objectives:

Employee Scheduling Software Designed to Help You
Manage Workforce Complexity

Shiftboard is for organizations with complex workforce scheduling needs. It’s a highly configurable scheduling platform that builds smart schedules, helps managers quickly make “day of” changes to keep operations running smoothly, and provides workers the information necessary to do their jobs well. Intelligent scheduling through automation drives greater workforce capacity, more effective employee communication, and higher labor compliance. Shiftboard is for organizations with:

  • check markHighly fluctuating demand for workers
  • check markMulti-site locations
  • check markHigh compliance scheduling environments
  • check markDistributed and on-the-go workers
  • check markLarge workforces

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is employee scheduling software?

    Employee scheduling software automates the process of creating and managing shift schedules according to rules and parameters set by the organization. In Shiftboard’s case, it also includes workforce management functionality, such as time and attendance. Workforce scheduling software enables a strategic approach to workforce scheduling to help solve key business challenges.

  • What types of organizations is Shiftboard best suited for?

    Shiftboard was built for complex employee scheduling situations and large hourly workforces. If any of the following criteria sound like your workforce, Shiftboard is likely a great fit.
        • Highly fluctuating demand for workers
        • Multi-site locations
        • High compliance scheduling environments
        • Distributed and on-the-go workers
        • Hundreds or thousands of hourly workers

  • Why is Shiftboard a great choice for employee scheduling software?

    The fact Shiftboard customers report an average of a 53% increase in scheduling efficiency, is a compelling reason to choose us. But the strategic benefits expand well beyond day-to-day scheduling efficiency improvements. Our customers realize the positive impact Shiftboard has on employee retention, labor cost management, and compliance to labor laws and regulations.

  • How does Shiftboard help improve workforce operations?

    Shiftboard improves scheduling efficiency, but also has benefits beyond the workforce scheduling process itself. Shiftboard helps you better manage labor costs, maintain compliance, manage mobile workforces, and scale operations. Employee scheduling software also has a positive impact on hourly employee retention and satisfaction.

  • How do hourly employees access their work schedules with Shiftboard?

    Shiftboard is cloud-based and accessible from any desktop or mobile browser, in addition to our native mobile apps.

  • Is there customer support available?

    Yes. If you are an existing client or user, please contact our customer service line at 1.800.746.7531 for product support. For more information on our customer success service and implementation options, please visit our success package page. Our solutions experts will work with you to determine the best fit.