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For Staffing Services, Healthcare, Contact/Call Center, Event & Hospitality

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Shiftboard quickly automates:

  • Shift pick-up, trade, sign-up — track availability, skills, interests & training
  • Shift/demand planning, optimization, auto-scheduling, time-tracking
  • Hourly, Contract, Intern, Float-Pool, Volunteer, Staff
  • Multiple Clients, Departments, Teams/Crews, Units, Qualifications
  • Multiple Locations, Facilities, Events, Venues, Regions, Timezones
  • Control Rank/Score, Seniority, Overtime, Labor Restrictions, Work Type

Easy Scheduling, Rules, Qualifications, Feature-packed options

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"We saw big improvements in time savings... volunteers confirm their own shifts online."
Rachel Ratner, KEXP Radio

Powerful Case Studies — Mobile, Shared, Flexible Workforces

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call center scheduling

Associated Order Processors

Call Center Scheduling

Associated Order Processors, a virtual call center serving large retail clients, uses Shiftboard scheduling software to manage round-the-clock schedules and communications among 185 operators working across four U.S. time zones...More

nurse scheduling

Ford Healthcare Systems

Nurse Scheduling

Ford Healthcare Systems, a family-owned nurse staffing business in Nebraska, uses Shiftboard scheduling software to coordinate 90-110 RN, LPN, and CNA shifts per week for healthcare facilities in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota...More

sport event management

California Athletics

Event Management

The University of California Berkeley’s Athletic Department uses Shiftboard to coordinate ticket sales and other personnel requirements year-round for all of the university’s NCAA Division I athletic events....More

security scheduling

Security Dynamics Corp

Security Staff Scheduling

Security Dynamics Corp, serving businesses in the Chicago metro area, uses Shiftboard scheduling software to coordinate schedules and regulate overtime hours for its off-duty police officer security staff...More

  • Fill more shifts
    without hundreds of phone calls.
  • Web-based, use any computer
    accessible on the internet 24x7 by all workers to see when and where they need to be.

"Because of Shiftboard user-friendliness, we are covering more shifts and handling fewer questions."
Trish Marquis, Associated Order Processors

"It would be hard to find a more self-contained system for our staffing agency."
Josh Welborn, Welborn Relief Agency


The Shiftboard system is easy to use and our intuitive software requires little to no training.

Fast and Affordable

Shiftboard charges a monthly fee with no additional licensing or maintenance charges. Support and software upgrades are included. Because we host the software, no hardware fees or IT overhead costs are required.

Simple: Expandable

Shiftboard is simple by being modular. Dozens of popular tools, reports, and features can be added and customized for your Shiftboard site as required, so screens are not cluttered with needless complexity.

Secure online scheduling

Your data is secure and all accounts are 100% password protected. Shiftboard sites include financial-grade Verisign® SSL security.

Enterprise-Ready Developer API and Test Tools

Shiftboard offers a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), XML, JSON-RPC, and software test tools that support secure and direct access to the underlying Shiftboard system.

Simple to get started

Shiftboard sites are typically launched within a few working days. For larger sites, we’ll work with you to develop a rollout plan. Contact us today or call 1.800.746.7531.