Workforce Scheduling in a COVID-19 World

Companies are facing urgent new workforce challenges in the emerging post-pandemic era:

monitor employee health icon

Monitoring employee health & readiness

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Enabling physical-distancing

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Tracking COVID-19 related schedule changes

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Ensuring shift coverage

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Keeping employees engaged

A tall order for managers, to be sure. But that’s where Shiftboard comes in. Our workforce scheduling solutions are all about tackling the challenge of managing change, and we specialize in helping companies and organizations adapt their operational processes to evolving conditions — like those driven by COVID-19.

As a result, organizations are more resilient, compliant, and efficient, while employees are healthier and happier. It’s a win-win, even in these turbulent times.

5 Ways Shiftboard Helps With COVID-19 Related
Workforce Scheduling

1. Track employee health screening and availability to work

As organizations implement employee health screening measures, the ability to understand the daily impact of potential absences in real-time becomes essential. Shiftboard allows organizations to leverage health screening results and associated absenteeism information to forecast the impact on labor needs.

2. Enable physical-distancing when scheduling workers

Shiftboard simplifies the scheduling of shift and office workers to physical-distancing requirements. Adjust scheduling to match reduced number of people working at same time and track who is assigned to the same work environment. For office-based staff assign workers to specific work spaces. As physical distancing needs change, new schedules can be created and assigned quickly. Workers can be easily reassigned to different areas to limit interaction and exposure.

3. Ensure shift coverage as labor needs vary

Quickly adapt operational staffing to varying demand for labor and unpredictable absenteeism in the workforce. Tap into sign-up lists, standby lists, and self-serve scheduling options to ensure shift coverage and keep operations running smoothly.

4. Track scheduling adherence to COVID-19 related operational changes

Track your organization’s efforts to adhere to new workforce scheduling practices driven by COVID-19 such as changes to OT management, shift assignment rules and more. Identify exceptions and document reasons for audit control.

5. Keep employees engaged and informed, 24/7

Deliver essential news to your workforce quickly to ensure that all workers are kept informed with timely, relevant information. Virtual bulletin boards and notifications to individuals, teams, or the entire organization can be tailored with specific messages, alerts, or updates, keeping communications streamlined and everyone up-to-date in real time.

Restarting the
Workplace in the
Emerging Post-Pandemic Era

Workforce Scheduling Strategies to Help You Weather the COVID-19 Storm

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