Scheduling During COVID

Stay Resilient and Agile in the New Era of Work

Ensure Operational Resilience and Flexibility During COVID

Short-notice absences, strict physical distancing requirements, and return-to-work procedures are just a few of the new workforce scheduling challenges brought about by the pandemic. More than ever, organizations need robust scheduling practices to stay resilient and nimble during these turbulent times.

  • Enforce scheduling rules as required by COVID-related protocols.
  • Anticipate coverage issues and address them proactively.
  • Fill shift vacancies quickly during unexpected worker callouts.
  • Keep workers informed about scheduling and COVID-related news.
  • Support workers’ family care needs and other personal obligations.

What Makes Scheduling During
COVID So Challenging?

Monitor Health

Increasing absences that are hard to backfill in short notice

Social Distancing

New return-to-work protocols and regulations

Shift Coverage

Workers require higher schedule flexibility

Keep employees informed

Keep employees informed at all times

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COVID Resource Center

Access best practice guides and other resources to learn more about workforce scheduling during COVID-19.

How Shiftboard Can Help You Adapt During the Pandemic

With Shiftboard, operations managers can quickly ramp operations, comply with changing health and safety regulations, and meet employee needs for better communication and more flexible scheduling.


Protect Workers’ Well-Being

Govern maximum staffing levels per area, adjust employee shift patterns to accommodate physical-distancing requirements, and protect workers from exposure risk.


Ensure Shift Coverage

Hedge against unexpected understaffing issues by forecasting backup worker demands using staffing levels and absence pattern data. Mobilize backup workers swiftly with a wide range of day-of management tools.


Keep Employees Informed

Deliver essential news such as schedule changes, infection outbreaks, and plant shutdowns to your workforce in real-time. Send system-automated and tailored messages via SMS, Email, Mobile Apps, and automated phone calls to ensure maximum communication reach.


Enable Employee Cooperation

Encourage workers to communicate absences early using convenient mobile apps, which helps managers identify and tackle coverage issues sooner. Empower workers to resolve schedule issues among themselves with self-service options such as shift pickup, trade, and giveaways.


Support Worker Needs

Track and accommodate worker shift preferences to support COVID-related family care needs or other personal obligations.

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