Comprehensive Visibility Into Your Organization

Shiftboard’s employee scheduling software provides sophisticated workforce analytics and reports to give you insights into your people, finances, equipment, and more. We put you in control of your data, so there’s no access fee or cap on running reports.

Better Operations Through Powerful Analytics & Reporting

Get Critical Insights in Real Time

Shiftboard gives you more operational visibility with workforce analytics and reporting, on top of dozens of standard reports, across your entire organization—including labor budgeting and forecasts, client and third-party billings, paid and unpaid time-off, and overtime.

Shiftboards workforce analytics and reporting capabilities drive employee performance insights.

Talent Insights

Filter candidates by hire or on-board status (contacted, in-process, out-of-season, etc.)

Financial Insights

Filter for variables like pay rates, duties, and clients to budget better


Regulatory Insights

Stay compliant with access to all staff info – such as certifications and immunizations

Labor Insights

Manage your bottom line with labor forecasts to help avoid unnecessary overtime

Planning Insights

Use real-time overviews to staff strategically and plan for time off

Staffing Insights

Optimize staffing with filters for skills, demographics, locations, seniority, and more


Accountability Insights

Track late arrivals, no-shows, and other staffing crises to troubleshoot in real-time

Comprehensive Insights

Connect staffing with systems like HR and payroll to streamline operations

Asset Insights

Easily track equipment for better allocation and loss prevention

Performance Insights

Easily rank/filter staff by performance notes and assessments to identify your best teams

Efficiency Insights

Filter time and costs by people, location, teams, and more to spot weak links


Data Insights

Monitor file uploads, profile updates, and more to ensure data integrity

Get Your Data Your Way

Get the insights you need in the format that works best for you. Shiftboard’s workforce analytics adapts to your processes so it’s easy to share and analyze all kinds of data across your operation, your way. All reports are simple to export into Excel, Text, CSV, and more.

More Accurate Projections

Better Staff Budgeting

Know the real price of your workforce. Gain deep visibility into your staffing costs to plan your budget better. Track cost factors like fixed and variable pay rates and gain valuable labor insights in real time.


Import paycodes, create your own, or use individual pay rates


Assign default labor rates by team, skill, or role


Set hourly or flat rates by person or team, skill, position, and more


Labor cost reports for variable, fixed, or default rates


Labor summaries by staff, date, role, area, client, team, or custom

Advanced Labor Forecasting

Reduce guesswork and make more informed projections. Shiftboard gives you the ability to better assess future labor costs—so you can quit estimating and avoid surprises like over or understaffing.


Analyze staffing by future date ranges, clients, or events


Review labor costs by teams, areas, divisions, and more


Utilize revenue forecasts and margin trends to manage expenses


Compare your labor forecasts to results on a rolling basis


Build programs to improve cost controls and management insights

Sync Your Software Systems

No matter how large or small your organization, we integrate with your software systems. Shiftboard Web Services API easily moves data in and out of our cloud-based service to an array of systems—including CRMs, ERPs, and vendor services.

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