Drivers & Logistics Staffing

Get real-time schedule visibility with online workforce scheduling software

Do line managers and dispatchers struggle to schedule ad-hoc requests? Availability, locations, and qualifications must all align for your schedule to work. And staying in touch with drivers and logistics employees can be hard when they are on the go or work late night shifts.

Shiftboard is a great fit for driver and logistics businesses. Shiftboard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workforce scheduling solution that gives your drivers and personnel 24x7 access to their schedules, streamlines communications with your mobile workforce, and makes it easier for dispatchers and line managers accommodate ad-hoc requests.

At Shiftboard, we have tailored our powerful workforce scheduling solution to the specific needs and workflows required to staff your drivers and personnel across different routes, locations, and roles. Shiftboard gives you the best way to:

  • Fill shifts quickly and accurately—ensure every job is filled by assigning shifts or letting the system automatically fill shifts based on availability, preference, union rules, location, etc.
  • Improve communication with your mobile workforce using SMS to immediately alert people when schedules change or new shifts are available.
  • Help dispatchers and line managers by giving them a real time look at coverage, open requests, and availability so they can quickly find someone for an additional route or job request.
Shiftboard driver schedule software showing the availability form that workers fill out
Shiftboard logistics and driver scheduling software showing the hourly breakdown of the schedule
  • Attach a Google map to shifts in order to keep your workforce up to date and knowledgeable about their shift.
  • Give management visibility into load volumes with full reporting by route, by client, by department, by site, etc.
  • Upload multiple shifts at once to the real time calendar, instantly see where you need coverage and who is available to work.
  • Comply with union labor scheduling rules with detailed seniority and union status on employee profiles and easy-to-customize workflow rules.

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