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Manage hour-by-hour staffing in real time with online call center scheduling software

Call center scheduling is tricky. Do you over-schedule to play it safe? Can you forecast a schedule’s impact on your bottom line?

You invest a lot in training your agents and automation to make them more productive, yet you still struggle every month to optimize coverage. Too many agents and you’re losing money. Too few and your service quality suffers.

Shiftboard is perfect for call center scheduling. Shiftboard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that liberates you from your switch vendor’s mediocre and over-priced solution and shows you the impact of scheduling on your bottom line.

Learn more about how customers use Shiftboard’s online call center scheduling software to optimize staffing levels and control costs for agents that are in-house, distributed across the globe, or working from home.

Our online call center scheduling software gives you the best way to:

  • Optimize staffing levels and control costs with a real-time Gantt chart view of your 24 hour period call coverage, including options for auto-scheduling and staggering break times.
  • Eliminate scheduling and management headaches with a real-time, always accurate calendar of who is working when.
  • Move to a virtual call center environment with a 100% web-based solution that is simply accessed via a browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Improve hiring and retention by giving your call center employees more flexibility and control over their schedules. Allow agents to pick up additional shifts when extra capacity is needed on short notice. They’ll be happier and your customers will notice.
  • Give everyone 24/7 access to the schedule which means fewer missed shifts.
  • Open Web Services API makes adherence reporting easy by integrating with your CTI switch, time tracking system, or your data warehouse.
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