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SchedulePro Software Overview

SchedulePro is purpose-built for production-centric organisations that have complex rostering processes and rules.  Industries commonly served by SchedulePro include:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Corrections
  • Petrochemical
SchedulePro Overview Benefits

The Best Possible Schedule Every Time

Make the optimal scheduling decisions under any circumstance – even automatically. SchedulePro’s always-on optimisation engine analyses all possible rostering options and provides the best assignment recommendations on demand. Yield the best possible coverage, costs, and compliance outcomes without guessing.

Oil and gas workers talking

Guaranteed Compliance

Workforce rostering sits at the crucial intersection between operations and the rules and regulations that govern them. SchedulePro equips you to adhere to all compliance demands proactively and provides evidence of compliance. Create error-free and justified schedules in seconds – guaranteed.

Superior Overtime Management

SchedulePro does more than assign the most cost-effective employees to lower overtime costs. With sophisticated overtime detection and equalization mechanisms, it adheres to your policy to distribute hours among employees for a fair and compliant workplace.


SchedulePro saved us almost $3M in costs and is a proven solution for API RP 755 compliance. Employee scheduling was a vital concern at an executive level — they went over and above the call of duty to meet our needs.

Shell Oil Larry Heasley,
HR Manager, Shell
Oil worker

SchedulePro is not only easy to set up and manage but also easy for employees to understand and use… The ability to log in to the schedule when mobile has been a big asset. As a patrol sergeant, I can make last-minute changes from… anywhere I have access to the Internet.

Wayne Schreiner,
Patrol Sergeant, Sartell Police

SchedulePro’s ability to deliver the right solution, training, and support is highly due to a true understanding of our business processes and organisational goals. It is rare to experience this level of service from software vendors.

Government of AlbertaStewart Williamson,
Business Transformation Analyst,
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General

Tailor-Fit Rostering

Match the particular scheduling scenarios and policies required at each plant, site, and unit.

  • Automate the way you work with highly configurable skill requirements, scheduling workflows, and OT rules.
  • Assign employees in the priority order required by your policy automatically.
  • Support industry-specific scenarios such as production line-based scheduling, emergency response assignment, job rotation, shift-splitting and more.
Tailor-Fit Scheduling

Continuous Optimisation

Create the best possible schedule with intelligent algorithms that continuously evaluate all alternatives and recommend assignments that yield the best overall outcomes.

  • Evaluate schedules based on your business goals with an always-on optimisation engine.
  • Examine cascading effects and dependencies between assignments with robust business logic.
  • Receive real-time improvement suggestions for the best overall coverage, cost, and compliance outcomes.
  • Takes smart actions such as employee shuffling and job rotation with a single click.
Continuous Optimisation

Worker-Centric and Fair Scheduling

Create a win-win workplace for both the business and your workforce through flexible and fair schedules.

  • Offer employees shift pickup, volunteer signup, shift trades, and other schedule preference options.
  • Keep employees engaged and productive with online self-service and mobile apps.
  • Distribute hours fairly among employees with sophisticated OT equalization mechanisms.
  • Standardize and log scheduling decisions to ensure fairness and transparency in the employee assignment process.
Worker-Centric and Fair Scheduling

Full Cycle Compliance

Compliance goes beyond rule adherence and includes exception management and schedule auditability. Proactively detect, address, and track compliance risks associated with internal policies, labour laws, industry fatigue standards, and union agreements.

  • Ensure full-coverage enforcement with rich rules library.
  • Receive instant alerts and explanations of any rule violations.
  • Manage exceptions and rule overrides with robust mechanisms.
  • Diagnose rule deviations and reasons with purpose-built audit trails and reports.

Scheduling and Communication Automation

Turbo-charge your scheduling and communication processes by eliminating manual scheduling inefficiencies.

  • Create schedules in seconds with built-in shift patterns, labour planning, and day-of management tools.
  • Backfill openings quickly with automatically curated lists of available and qualified employees.
  • Instantly update employee work hours balance, OT status, job proficiency, and other work stats upon assignment.
  • Notify employees of real-time schedule changes and openings via emails, SMS, mobile apps, and web notifications.
SPRO Published Schedule on tablet and phone

Additional Features

Leave Management CalendarLeave Management

Streamline your leave planning, approval, and vacancy backfill processes with ease.


Ensure work hours and applicable pay codes are captured accurately to reduce errors and confusion during payroll entry.

Demand PlannerLabour Forecasting

Accurately plan for staffing needs based on production demand data.

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