Employee Scheduling Tool Kit:

Resources to Guide Your Employee Schedule Creation Process

If you want your hourly employees to be successful, you need a strong and clear process for building the best employee schedule for your team. The resources in this tool kit are meant to guide you through a best practices process for creating your employee schedules. Some of the concepts you will learn are actionable techniques on how to best create and assign shifts, demand planning, and how to deal with last minute schedule changes. By unlocking this toolkit, you have gained permanent access to these resources. Feel free to refer back to it as many times as you want, and be sure to check back for newly added content.

Employee Scheduling Guide

A best practices guide on how to make the best employee schedule and manage changes in demand.

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Employee Forecasting Webinar

Discover why the benefits of Shiftboard scheduling automation software go well and beyond easier employee scheduling.

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Building Engagement Guide

Happy employees are loyal employees. Discover how and why better employee communication can be the key to unlocking better employee engagement.

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Employee Scheduling Checklist

A four step checklist to help you through the process of creating your hourly employee schedule.

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Maker Faire Case Study

See how Maker Faire is using Shiftboard to cut down their event management and scheduling admin time half.

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Building Engagement Checklist

A 3 step checklist guide to help you build strong hourly employee engagement through better communication

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Employee Scheduling Infographic

Download and share this easy infographic on the 7 steps to successful staff schedules with your other schedulers.

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Scheduling Automation Blog Post

7 reasons why organizations are ditching spreadsheets and flocking to scheduling automation software providers in 2018.

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