Simplify Operations and Increase Employee Productivity with Time and Attendance Capabilities

Automate timekeeping, reduce errors, and increase organizational performance.
Move from manual time tracking and sign-in sheets to online employee scheduling, employee availability tracking, and time clocks.

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Eliminate Manual Processing

Improve worker productivity and replace manual time cards. Ensure your workers are clocked in at the right place at the right time.

  • Anywhere time clock access – mobile or local time clock options
  • Schedule-aligned timekeeping – restrict clocking in to only scheduled shifts
  • Online time cards – easily review and process time cards
Arrow in a target, representing the reduction in labor errors

Reduce Time and Attendance Errors

Create shifts with clock-in windows to reduce early clock-ins and unexpected overtime. Compare scheduled time to actual clock-ins.

  • Clock-in window – set clock-in timeframes for shifts
  • Flexible time clock period – align time cards to your payroll cycle
  • Reports – view time clock history and time card reports
Easy time tracking, shown by a clock and a computer

Make Time Tracking Easy

Make it easy to manage time and attendance. Numerous online time-clock options make it easy for workers to clock in and clock out.

  • Mobile time clocks – workers clock-in via mobile apps
  • Real-time time cards – workers always have access to their time cards
  • IVR or QR codes – easily clock in using phone voice responses or QR codes
Shiftboard on multiple devices, showing who is currently clocked in

Know Who’s Clocked In

Use online employee time clocks to view who is clocked in, in real time. Alert managers to last-minute no-shows and include manager notes on staff attendance.

  • Who’s on now – see who’s scheduled and who’s clocked in
  • Manager alerts – get alerts on missed clock-ins
  • No-show codes – keep track of late or missed shifts
Integrate with Payroll

Integrate with Payroll

Generate time cards from employee time clock data and then process them with manager corrections and approvals. Shiftboard’s time and attendance system easily integrates with HRS and payroll systems.

  • Export to Payroll – download to Excel or CSV file
  • Integrations – integrate with 100’s of payroll and HRS systems
  • Open API – rich API so your developers can write code

Shiftboard’s time and attendance tools keep your overtime in check.

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