Get New Hires Ready to Work Faster

With Shiftboard, you can streamline hiring, ensure compliance, and get qualified workers scheduled sooner. Our online applicant tracking system can help you eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets. You can get candidates into the system and onboard them immediately into Shiftboard once hired.

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Accelerate Candidate Applications

Make it easy for candidates to self-apply for jobs from anywhere. Get rid of paper applications and manually searching for qualified people.

  • Job applications – easy-to-use, custom online applications replace paper forms
  • Applicant filtering – search for qualified applicants using flexible filtering
  • Job application tracker – track application status and upload documents
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Communicate Proactively

Keep your job applicants and managers informed of hiring and onboarding status. Quickly reach out to just the right people.

  • Auto-respond – communicate automatically when hiring status changes
  • Manager messaging – send messages to managers on hiring next steps
  • Candidate tracker – report candidate status to keep everyone informed
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Improve Employee Onboarding

Get new hires ready to work sooner with the proper training, and ensure people can’t be scheduled to work until all onboarding steps are completed.

  • Training tracker – track required trainings needed to prepare for work
  • Onboarding notes – document onboarding checklists and status
  • Work-ready controls – schedule workers only after onboarding is complete
Courthouse with a medal on the front showing the ability of the applicant tracking system and onboarding tools to ensure compliance

Ensure Labor Law Compliance

Track job applicants’ licenses and credentials to ensure they are up-to-date. Eliminate hiring mistakes or delays due to expired credentials.

  • Credential tracking – store credentials, expiration dates, and documentation
  • Auto-notify expirations – notify job applicants with expired credentials
  • Acknowledgement agreement – document agreements to policies
Laptop with applicant tracking system showing, with a certificate off to the side of the computer

Integrate with Staff Scheduling

Onboarding integrated with employee scheduling makes it easy to ensure only properly trained new hires get scheduled.

  • Custom Profiles – auto-populate worker profiles from job application
  • Manager notes – include manager notes in profiles
  • Easily move to scheduling – start scheduling as soon as onboarding is complete

Get new hires working sooner! Shiftboard Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
fast-tracks hiring and training.

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