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Using Shiftboard, Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) manages events more efficiently, providing even more attention to each client.


Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) provides health screenings, health coaching, flu vaccines, and comprehensive employee wellness programs to clients ranging from small law firms to Fortune 100 companies. WCS staffs these events with a nationwide network of highly skilled, mobile healthcare professionals.

Before Shiftboard, a team of WCS support staff used calendars and spreadsheets to do everything from manage recruiting and schedule creation to tracking certifications and time-off requests. To reduce labor costs, WCS considered building a custom software solution but turned to Shiftboard for its flexibility, which gave them a personalized solution with no maintenance needed, and at a fraction of the cost.


Eliminated the need for 3 full-time positions saving $107k annually

Increased visibility into recruiting efforts with powerful reporting

Increased client base by 11x

Streamlined application and registration process

Simplified certification tracking for healthcare workers

Thinking back to business before Shiftboard, I can’t believe we did it any other way. We’ve become so much more efficient in countless ways.Ashley Silbert, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition


WCS delivers employee wellness services ranging from drop-in flu vaccine clinics to multi-month campaigns in which WCS staff are onsite daily conducting health education and health screenings, including checking BMI, blood pressure, lipid and blood glucose levels, and more.

To staff these events, WCS employs 8,400+ trained and certified healthcare specialists, including nurses, dietitians, biometric and venipuncture screeners, and diabetes educators, as well as registration coordinators, event leads, and other support staff. Creating schedules for these workers requires cross-checking skills, credentials, and availability against multiple locations and events. Manual tools make it difficult to optimize schedules with so many variables.

Originally, WCS used calendars and spreadsheet-based tools to create their worker schedules, which forced them to employ additional full-time staff to manage inefficiencies:

  • One position to manage employee documentation and ensure credentials
  • One position to manage the schedule across multiple spreadsheets
  • One position to communicate schedule changes to workers

With Shiftboard, our coordinators not only have the capacity to manage more events, but also give more attention than ever to each client’s specific needs. Ashley Silbert, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition


Before adopting Shiftboard, Wellness Corporate Solutions looked into making their own in-house scheduling application, but quickly discovered it would be exceedingly expensive to build and maintain custom software. Shiftboard’s flexibility provided WCS with an affordable, configurable solution with many benefits:

Reduced Labor Costs

WCS previously employed three full-time hourly workers to manually track documents, create schedules, and communicate schedule changes to the workforce. By using Shiftboard for scheduling and communications, WCS was able to save over $107k annually in labor costs.

Increased Revenue

Before Shiftboard, WCS stored scheduling information across multiple spreadsheets, and the inefficient process limited the number of active clients WCS could take on at a time. With Shiftboard, there are no limits on the number of clients, employees, locations, or shifts that can be tracked and incorporated into a schedule. As a result, WCS has grown their client base by over 11x.

Event Day Management

Prior to implementing Shiftboard, WCS support staff relied on one-off conversations and outreach to manage day-of logistics. Now, Shiftboard makes it easier to manage healthcare workers on the day of the event, providing a seamless communication tool for the wellness representatives, full-time employees, and the client.

Last-Minute Shift Changes

By storing their workforce information in Shiftboard, it’s easy to find highly qualified staff at a moment’s notice. Shiftboard allows WCS to easily sort their workforce roster to quickly fill shifts with appropriately trained, local staff. Once the correct person is identified, Shiftboard sends a message containing all of the pertinent details.

On-Demand Scheduling

Before Shiftboard, manual processes made scheduling cumbersome and inflexible. WCS can now send out notifications for open shifts, and allow workers to self-assign to shifts based on rules set by administrators.

For example, employees can cancel a shift two weeks in advance without management involvement. When a worker turns down a shift, an automatic message goes out to the local qualified labor pool alerting them that a new shift is available. Before Shiftboard, WCS had a dedicated employee manually broadcasting shift changes, but Shiftboard automated this task.

Certification Tracking

WCS is legally required to track healthcare worker credentials and certifications, such as RNs and CPNs. With Shiftboard, certifications are tracked and verified within each worker’s Shiftboard Profile, which provides easy access to all worker data, including certifications, experience, and performance data. WCS staff can easily pull reports to check certification expiration dates, and also use Shiftboard to remind workers when they need to renew. It’s now easier than ever for WCS to make sure that all staff meet their strict standards.

Application and Registration

WCS has seven job types that need to remain filled, so they are constantly recruiting for these positions. The process involves posting the job descriptions online, filtering applications, followed by conducting interviews. By tracking open positions, applicants, and onboarding documents, Shiftboard streamlines the application and registration process.

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