Every Friday we send out a list of new or updated FAQs. Here you can see the whole month in review just in case you missed one week. Always check out the FAQ as we are always adding to it. If you have a question we don’t address let us know so we can add it for you!

How do I add a new member or account?

To add a new member or account to your site, click the “People” link on your dashboard at the top of the page. Select the Add New Account link. Here you must enter the first and last name of the member, along with the email address if you know it.If you aren’t sure of the email address, select the No Email checkbox.

This will provide a non working email so that employee won’t be able to login yet, but you’ll be able to assign shifts and enter information. Once you know the email address, you can go in and update it without a problem. When you are finished entering the information, at the bottom you can choose to send the welcome letter or not. If you choose not to send this now, you can always do it at a later time. Click Save and you’re all set!

How do I change a Team name?

You can change the name of your team by simply going to MyTeams> Selecting the team you want to change> Clicking “rename” (located next to the team) and making your changes. If you want to change> Clicking update. If you want to change the Nickname or Code just made any changes in the text field and click Update Info.

Please note, when you change the name of a team, the new name of the team will show for all shifts even those that happened under the old name.

How do I change my primary time zone?

In order to change the primary time zone that your site uses, go to:Settings > Site Contact tab > Adjust time zone using the pull down menu > click Update Info

Is there any way to see time offs on the calendar?

Yes! When you have the time off tool, you can view all of your time off requests on the calendar. When you are on the calendar, select the drop down on the top right hand side that says Shift View. Choose Time off view, and you’ll see all of the time off requests.

How do you limit number of hours an organization allows users to sign up for?

To limit the number of hours your employees or volunteers can sign up for click Settings> General Settings> Application Settings> Schedules.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a section for Overtime Settings wherein you can limit the number of hours your staff can work by week and/or day. Once you’ve made the preferred changes click on the Update Info button at the top of the page.

I put myself on the signup list, does that mean I am confirmed?

Nope, your manager will confirm you. When a manager chooses “sign up list” when making a shift, they want you to put your name on the list to tell them you are interested. They will select workers from the list.

Really interested? You can use our communication tools to send them a message telling them how much you want to work the shift.

Sharing Schedules: How can I allow team members to see (share) each other’s schedules?

First you will have to ensure that you permit Shared View for your site by going to your Schedule Settings which can be found within Application Settings. Once there, the first option under ‘Viewing Options’ will permit Shared view to be enabled for your teams.

After this, you will need to change the teams “Shared View” setting. To do this click Teams -> Select the team you want to change to shared view -> click Team Settings. Once the setting has been changed, click Update Info.

Shared view to team members allows members on a team to see who else on that team is working and when. This permission can also be extended out to members of additional teams by selecting ‘Allow Shared View to members of additional Teams’ and then selecting which teams should have the ability to view this team’s shifts. To allow all members of the organization to see this team’s shifts, select ‘Allow Shared View to all members in the organization.

Once the settings have been adjusted appropriately all your members have to do to see their teammates schedule is switch into ‘Shared View’ via the pull down located above and to the right of the Calendar. Note that Shared View is a read only view and as such will not permit changes to the schedule such as assignments or other changes. If you need to make changes be sure that your Calendar is set to ‘Shift View’ and you should be good to go.

How do I enable additional account documents?

If you have the Account Documents tool turned on for your site you can store up to 20 additional documents per account. To enable an additional document just follow these easy steps.

From your Dashboard select the Settings option in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Next click on the General Settings tab>

Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section within the General Settings where you will find the option for Account Documents

Clicking the Account Documents option will open a dialogue box, simply check the document you would like to enable and set the appropriate settings.

Once you’ve done that and closed the dialogue box be sure to click the Update Info button and you’ll be ready to go!

If you have any other questions or need further assistance feel free to get in touch with your friendly Shiftboard support staff by clicking on the Feedback button on your Dashboard.

Can Shiftboard store more than one document on my staff accounts?

Yes we can! Depending on which package you’re in you may already be able to track staff resume/cv’s however if you would like to store even more documents we can help too.

With our Account Documents tool you can store up to 20 additional documents on each staff account. This is great if you need to keep records on file for your staff but don’t want to have giant file cabinets full of paper. The Account Documents tool even allows you to determine who can see and edit the documents so if you want your staff to upload their own documents you can give them the ability to do so!

If you’re interested in activating the Account Documents tool for your site contact your Account Manager or get in touch with our friendly support staff via the Feedback button on your Dashboard.

How do I add managers or a primary contact to a Team?

Click “My Teams” on your Dashboard and choose the appropriate Team.>

Click “Add Members” in the Team Toolbox, and check the box next to the people you would like to add.

To add managers, click the radio button next to “Manager” to add them as a Manager (rather than a Member), then click “Add Selected Members” at the bottom of the page.

Each team may have multiple managers but can only have 1 primary contact. The primary contact must already be a Manager on the team to appear as an option on the Team Contact Info screen.

If the person you are adding as a Manager is already a member of the Team, click on “Show Members” in the Team Toolbox, and check the box next to their name.

Then click the radio button next to “Manager,” and choose “Set Member Levels” to confirm the change.

Once you have your list of managers set, if you would like to change the Primary Contact simply go to the Contact Info page for the team in question. The third option in this section will allow you to set the Primary Contact for the team.

How can I see who has not picked up shifts?

Go to Reports -> People -> Activity/Bad Emails report. When you get the screen up, select the radio button for “Members without assignments” over the date range you are looking for and click the Search button.

Now you will see the names of members who have not yet picked up shifts.

How do I auto assign shifts?

If you would like the system to randomly pick available members to assign to shifts, you can do this in a couple of different ways.

First, on the calendar, anytime you have a shift with more than one position, select the shift and on the right hand side select the Assign button. On this page, you will see an Auto Assign option. This will assign random available workers based on your selected preferences for the open positions.

If you are using the Bulk Upload – Use a Template option to create your shifts, you can do the auto assign at the time of upload. Be sure to select Yes in the Auto Assign column in the spreadsheet. When uploading the shifts, select the “When using auto-assignements” option to pick your preferences. When the upload is complete your shifts will be assigned on the calendar automatically.

Another way to auto assign shifts is by using the Duplicate/Copy-Forward Existing Schedule tool. On step 3 in this tool, change the Auto Assign option to Yes. When you forward your shifts on the calendar in this way, you can auto assign all of them at this time.

Can my members trade shifts?

Shiftboard offers an add-on tool called “Tradeboard” which allows members to offer shifts up for other members to claim. Shifts can only be traded between members on the team associated with the shift. Members can’t pick up shifts that would conflict with shifts they already have or that would put them into overtime.

There is also a setting available in the Tradeboard Application Settings tab that allows team members to be notified by email when a shift becomes available via Tradeboard.

Shifts can be marked as “no trade” and Tradeboard can be disabled on a per team basis.

Finally, the Tradeboard can be enabled/disabled on a team by team basis as well allowing you full control over which groups can utilize the tool.

Trades do not require manager approval, but the primary contact of the team will be notified when shifts are offered up for trade and when a trade is completed.

Can members cancel their time off requests?

Members can cancel/delete their time off requests before they are approved. Once they are approved only a manager or site admin is able to make changes or cancel/delete the request.