Shiftboard Recognized as an ‘Innovator to Watch’ by Jobs for the Future

Shiftboard Recognized as an ‘Innovator to Watch’ by Jobs for the Future

Employee Scheduling Solutions Leader Honored for Dedication to Equitable Workforce Practices

SEATTLE – April 10, 2024Shiftboard, a leading provider of enterprise workforce scheduling software for the manufacturing and energy sectors, today announced it has been recognized as one of the nine Innovators to Watch in Jobs for the Future’s (JFF) 2024 Market Scan, featuring innovative companies offering wraparound support solutions to help workers succeed. This designation highlights Shiftboard’s innovative approach to advancing workplace equity through its advanced employee scheduling software.

“We’re honored to be recognized for our commitment to helping companies implement scheduling practices that ensure fair treatment and greater access to opportunities in the workplace,” said Sterling Wilson, CEO of Shiftboard. “By ensuring fair distribution of shifts, facilitating balanced overtime allocation, and supporting diverse work-life needs, Shiftboard is helping employers in their quest to become more equitable workplaces. As proof of the positive impact we have on employers and employees, our customers experience an 86% increase in employee satisfaction and a 16% reduction in employee turnover.”

Modern workforces desire more flexibility, and employers must adjust accordingly. Shiftboard’s 2023 State of the Hourly Worker Report found that 78% of shift and hourly workers want to select their shifts instead of being assigned to them. The same report found that 45% of shift and hourly workers would leave their employers due to perceived scheduling unfairness.

Shiftboard provides highly specialized workforce scheduling solutions that enable organizations to become preferred employers capable of addressing diverse needs and preferences without sacrificing shift coverage, compliance, and other operational requirements. Shiftboard’s advanced scheduling capabilities enable employees to manage their work-life balance more effectively. With features like overtime equalization, fair vacation bidding, and mobile access for trading shifts, employees can navigate their personal and work commitments with greater ease. This leads to higher workplace satisfaction and promotes fair employment practices.

“Job flexibility is a social determinant of work and a core component of quality jobs that we care deeply about,” said Kristina Francis, executive director of JFFLabs, the innovation arm of Jobs for the Future. “We’re thrilled to feature Shiftboard as an Innovator to Watch, given its focus on providing flexibility to frontline workers in mission-critical industries such as energy and manufacturing. We sought out solutions that enabled flexibility in scheduling to provide workers opportunities to address work-life balance and unforeseen personal events while meeting the work capacity needs of businesses.”

JFFLabs seeks solutions that show promise in transforming systems and removing barriers to access in our workforce system. Their research team vetted over 2,000 companies to arrive at nine innovators providing recruitment, retention, and advancement solutions for Black workers. The Innovators to Watch report explores innovative employer practices and market solutions designed to expand and enhance support systems for employees, especially those who lack access to essential services such as healthcare, transportation, and childcare.

As a national nonprofit organization, JFF works to transform the U.S. workforce and education systems, aiming for equitable economic advancement for all. JFF also operates The Center for Racial Economic Equity, which is dedicated to improving educational and employment equity, with a particular focus on Black learners and workers.

About Shiftboard

Shiftboard is a leading provider of employee scheduling software for shift-based operations in mission-critical industries. Backed by Shiftboard’s tailor-fit solutions, organizations can build adaptive workforce operations that increase operational agility, optimize labor resources, and accommodate workers’ preferences, leading to improved efficiency and higher worker satisfaction and retention rates. To date, Shiftboard has supported approximately 680 million scheduled shifts for thousands of customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, providing the employment pipeline for more than $72.5 billion in wages earned. For more information, please visit