Sports Event Management

Save time, staff stadiums & sporting events with online and mobile phone scheduling software

Need to communicate weather changes to staff immediately? Dialing up or down your staffing based on changing ticket sales? Are your managers constantly wasting time on the phone tree to get the word out?

Shiftboard is scheduling pro soccer, football, baseball, hockey and golf staff right now. Shiftboard provides a real-time schedule accessible via any web or mobile browser. Message changes immediately via email & SMS text. Management reporting can include labor cost forecasting for large stadiums and tournaments.

At Shiftboard we have tailored our powerful scheduling software to the specific needs and workflows required to staff employees across sporting venues large and small. Shiftboard gives you the best way to:

  • Fill shifts quickly and accurately—ensure every job is filled by assigning shifts yourself or using the auto-schedule feature to fill in the schedule with one click.
  • View labor forecasts and see the effect of scheduling decisions on your bottom line, before the event takes place.
  • Improve communication with your employees using SMS to immediately alert people when schedules change, new shifts are available, or a game gets rained out.
  • Upload hundreds of shifts at once to the real time calendar, see where you need additional coverage next to who is available to work.
  • Keep track of seniority and union status—define workflow and scheduling rules to comply with all stadium and union rules. Track employee start dates, expectations, and any other criteria you need in the easy-to-customize employee profile. Auto-assign shifts based on these rules.
  • Pre-formatted sign-in sheets help you avoid confusion and miscommunication on the day of the event.

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