Festival Event Scheduling

Register & schedule volunteers quickly with online event scheduling software

Have you ever tried to manage 2000 staff and volunteers at a county fair? How about 800 at a film festival, or 3,000 at a track meet? Do you wish there was an easier, more automated process for recruiting event volunteers, gathering their information, and letting them sign up for shifts? Writing the schedule for a festival, big or small, is a daunting task. Getting messages and reminders out to all your volunteers and staff can be even more difficult.

Shiftboard is a great fit for festivals and any event where you need to register and schedule volunteers. Shiftboard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) event scheduling software solution that gives you 24x7 web access for all of your staff and volunteers, streamlines communications, and gives you full coverage reporting across locations.

At Shiftboard we have tailored our powerful scheduling solution to the specific needs and workflows of organizations that rely on a volunteer workforce for festivals and events. Shiftboard gives you the best way to:

  • Fill shifts quickly and accurately—ensure every job is filled by posting schedules online and letting your volunteers sign up for the shifts they want.
  • Improve communication with your employees using SMS to immediately alert people when schedules change or new shifts are available.
  • Save time and improve the recruiting process—registration as a new volunteer is seamlessly integrated with a web form directly on your event’s website, volunteer information is saved in to the system upon submission of the form.
  • Easily report on volunteer hoursfor matching gifts and awards.
  • Pre-formatted sign-in sheets help you avoid confusion and miscommunication on the day of the event.

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