Shiftboard & UKG Pro Workforce Management

Transforming Employee Scheduling for the Manufacturing and Energy Sectors

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Unleash the Full Potential of UKG Pro Workforce Management Data

Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the manufacturing and energy sectors, this powerful collaboration elevates the strategic impact of your UKG Pro WFM data. Shiftboard’s advanced scheduling technology integrated with UKG Pro WFM data forms a robust synergy, unlocking the full potential of intelligent automation to optimize shift coverage, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and enhance employee job satisfaction – superior outcomes standalone platforms simply can’t achieve.

Shiftboard and UKG partnership

Take Your Workforce Operations to New Heights

Unlock a new dimension in workforce management through our partnership with UKG Pro WFM. More than a mere integration—this is a strategic alliance designed to unlock maximum value of your UKG data, driving workforce operations to unparalleled levels of optimization.


Access Exclusive Scheduling Features – Optimize Schedules with UKG Data

  • Harness UKG employee, time, and leave data to automate scheduling workflows tailored to your existing procedures.
  • Leverage the most up-to-date employee data to validate assignment eligibility and priority automatically.
  • Compare scheduled and actual work data for precise schedule planning and forecasting.


Assured Compliance at Every Step – Guaranteed

  • Employ UKG’s precise time and attendance data to enforce complex scheduling protocols, from union mandates to fatigue management and OT equalization.
  • Gain access to exclusive tools and detailed reports for proactive exception management and compliance auditing.
  • Benefit from the certainty that comes with Shiftboard’s exclusive compliance guarantee.


Seamless Data Connections – Say Goodbye to Manual Data Juggling

  • Instantly update employee profiles to reflect changes made in UKG Pro WFM.
  • Quickly create base schedules by importing shift patterns directly from UKG Pro WFM.
  • Ensure time and attendance, and payroll accuracy by syncing schedule data with UKG Pro WFM.
  • Effortlessly check time-off balances to validate leave request approval and seamlessly update UKG Pro WFM records.

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