Shiftboard & UKG Pro Workforce Management

Transforming Employee Scheduling for the Manufacturing and Energy Sectors

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Unlock the Strategic Impact of Your Workforce Data

Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the manufacturing and energy sectors, this powerful collaboration elevates the strategic impact of your transition to UKG Pro Workforce Management. Shiftboard’s advanced scheduling technology integrated with UKG workforce data forms a robust synergy, unlocking the full potential of intelligent automation to optimize shift coverage, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and enhance employee job satisfaction – superior outcomes standalone platforms simply can’t achieve.

Shiftboard partner with UKG

Optimize Employee Scheduling with Integrated UKG Data

Through secure, pre-built API integration, Shiftboard seamlessly integrates with your UKG Pro Workforce Management data to deliver unparalleled results for shift coverage, cost efficiency, and compliance outcomes.


Enhanced Scheduling Efficiency and Optimization

  • Eliminate data entry between systems and automate scheduling using your specific workflows and rules.
  • Use the latest employee profiles in UKG to determine work eligibility and assignment priority in real time.
  • Utilize UKG time data for precise scheduling rules enforcement, fair overtime distribution, and effective cost management.


Better Utilization of Your Planned Resources

  • Access a single source of truth for time and attendance, enabling precise schedule planning and labor forecasting.
  • Benchmark schedule and actual work hours for accurate time approval and payroll.
  • Verify an employee’s leave balance before approving new time-off requests.


Richer Insights for Hiring, Training, and Business Policy Decisions

  • Tap into Shiftboard scheduling data for visibility into coverage gaps, skill expirations, and job proficiency to ensure better hiring/training decisions.
  • Harness robust schedule audit data to identify violation trends for better policy planning.

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