Get More From Shiftboard in 2022 (A Letter from Our CEO)


I want to take a moment to wish you a happy new year and share a few thoughts about the year ahead. For most of us, 2022 will continue to be a year of adapting to the constantly changing dynamics that go along with living, working, and managing business operations during a pandemic.

Filling shifts and optimizing labor resources will remain a critical focus area for businesses in 2022. However, the persistence of labor shortages will drive the need for new workforce initiatives focused on improving the appeal of shift work employment.

To that end, we’re seeing an evolution that is changing the landscape of shift work. Today, successful businesses must have the agility to flex labor resources in response to rapid and unpredictable changes while simultaneously offering employees the same ability to juggle work within the context of their personal commitments. Enabling a flexible workforce is a required strategy for businesses to remain competitive during an era where labor shortages and constant change are the norms.

At Shiftboard, we’re passionate about enabling a flexible workplace environment that benefits both the company and its employees, and our software capabilities are extensive in that regard. Many customers come to Shiftboard seeking a solution to a specific challenge. For some, it’s quickly identifying available resources to fill open shifts; for others, it’s about overtime management, fatigue management, or managing contingent workers. Whatever your initial reason for partnering with Shiftboard, there are likely additional workforce challenges our software can help you solve. Your account manager is available to discuss how your investment in Shiftboard can go further to help you better leverage the powerful tools already at your disposal. We want to do everything we can to help you.

Best wishes for a prosperous year. We want to be a valuable partner to your business success.

Sterling Wilson
President and CEO