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Revenue growth and profitability are tied intimately to the workforce schedule for businesses with hourly and shift workers. For these industries, maximizing the efficiency of employees is essential to protecting the profits.

  • Self-service scheduling capability gives workers more power to manage their work and personal life, which improves employee job satisfaction and lowers turnover.
  • Automated shift assignment rules ensure you schedule eligible, qualified workers with the lowest cost implications.
  • Create accurate schedules, prevent idle staff, and meet operational goals with labor demand forecasts derived from your organization’s projected production demand and historical labor usage.

Why is Workforce Utilization So Challenging?

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Unpredictable labor needs due to demand fluctuation


Constantly changing workforce makeup

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Hard to maintain employee productivity and reduce burnout

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How Shiftboard Helps with Workforce Utilization

When labor resources do not align to demand, revenue opportunities are missed, and costs rise – both of which hurt your bottom line. Adapting to varying demand is crucial for labor efficiency. However, only those organizations with flexible workforce scheduling practices can swiftly respond to change while also being mindful of worker preferences, providing a big edge over the competition.


Forecast Labor Needs

Shiftboard helps you predict labor needs based on projected production demand, create optimized schedules, and then auto-schedule workers based on those needs.


Optimize Labor Capacity

Shiftboard ensures all viable workers are scheduled before overtime or contingent labor is scheduled. This practice ensures high labor utilization while avoiding unnecessary overtime costs — in some cases, reducing overtime by up to 23 percent.


Leverage Flex Pools

Easily leverage contingent workers when demand surges while also maintaining consistent schedules for full-time staff. Customized worker profile fields allow managers to track unique information on skills or credentials and then sort by these specific criteria when sourcing replacement workers.


Improve Worker Productivity

Shiftboard eliminates idle time by providing workers with anytime access to all the details of their shifts and also auto-confirms receipt to avoid misunderstanding.


Manage Change with Precision

Data insights provide greater visibility and help managers to strategically respond to worker call-outs or sudden demand spikes, ensuring all shifts are covered, all the time.

Two years ago, we launched a strategic employee scheduling initiative to leverage our employees’ preferences while increasing productivity and retention numbers. The initiative has helped create a healthier, more productive workplace while also saving our organization time and money.

VP Operations, Wes Swearingin, Medline

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