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Using Shiftboard, Koch Industries dramatically streamlined
a complex HR recruiting program.


Koch Industries conducts an annual, complex HR recruiting campaign at universities throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Recruiters triage thousands of resumes, schedule and conduct hundreds of interviews, and track detailed information for each applicant, including contact information, grades, major(s), resumes, and special skills in order to fill dozens of entry-level positions across eight business units. Phone and voicemail, excel spreadsheets, and inadequate scheduling tools left the recruiters overwhelmed. Shiftboard simplified their system by storing all recruiting information in one place, automating tasks, and providing visibility through detailed reports.


  • Saved significant time by automating tasks normally requiring email, manual inputs, and phone calls
  • Increased visibility into recruiting efforts with powerful reporting tools
  • Streamlined operations by storing all recruiting information in one location
  • Improved satisfaction; applicants and recruiting team members found Shiftboard helpful and easy to use

Applicants can upload their own resumes and transcripts, which gets rid of all the manual scanning we did before.Erika Vidricksen, Recruiting Manager


Each fall, Koch Industries visits 20 universities to recruit college students and recent graduates for internships and entry-level positions. First-round interviews are conducted with 500 applicants who may apply for a variety of positions (accounting, engineering, marketing, information technology, etc.). Roughly one-third of applicants are then invited to Koch Industries headquarters in Wichita, KS for a recruiting visit, including two to four interviews with a specific business unit interview team.

Jennifer Fast and Erika Vidricksen, Koch Industries recruiting managers, routinely worked 12-hour days and most weekends scanning resumes, coordinating times with interview teams, and dealing with myriad details to ensure that the unique needs for each business unit and position were met.

“We had one shared spreadsheet for all items we needed to track with every candidate,” said Vidricksen. “We would sometimes lose track of which one of had the most up-to-date spreadsheet when emailing it back and forth. It was frustrating.” Also, even though Koch used an industry-leading shared calendar system, it couldn’t handle the program’s scheduling challenges and business requirements.

We calculated that Erika spent 43 hours that fall just answering and returning voicemails. Some of our cost justification for new software was regaining that lost time. Jennifer Fast, Recruiting Manager


In order to improve the process, Fast and Vidricksen searched for online scheduling software geared toward recruiting. As a baseline, they calculated that 43 hours were dedicated to answering and returning voicemails. “Some of our cost justification for new software was regaining that lost time,” said Fast. Their top requirements for a self-contained, 24/7 accessible online scheduling system were:

  • Ease-of-use, so minimize training for the nearly 200 applicants invited to Wichita each year
  • Easy reporting and downloading of stored information (e.g. applicant details, status, and schedule) to Excel
  • A centralized repository for applicant information, such as GPA and major, plus a document management component to store resumes and transcripts

Koch Industries chose Shiftboard for its online recruiting scheduling system, which included:

  • Applicant self-scheduling for interviews based on available openings
  • Document attachment to upload and store resumes and transcripts in a central location
  • Applicant profiles that include common information, like honors and graduation date, that are visible to the applicant and management, along with a management-only tab
  • Segmented scheduling in a completely integrated calendar. Each business unit and position type are separated for easy filtering and reporting
  • Integrated and centralized management reporting, including forward-looking interview schedules, applicant profile information, and interviewer scores
  • Koch Industries branding on the site.

The new system was so efficient, the recruiters not only recaptured the 43 hours of phone time, but additionally saved time via the centralized—and easily accessible—repository for all information needed throughout the recruiting process.

“Jenn and I are able to push many of our tasks out to our applicants and interviewers, which is better for everyone,” Vidricksen said. “Applicants can upload their own resumes and transcripts, which gets rid of the manual scanning we did before….Our interviewers are required to pull down resumes and applicant information, but they can do it at their own convenience, instead of waiting for an email from us like before,” she added.

Ease of use, a critical component to the system’s success, exceeded expectations. During exit interviews, each applicant was asked about Shiftboard and 95% said it was very easy to use for self-scheduling and loading documents, and the other 5% said it just took a little time to get the hang of it.

Finally, the management reporting and central information repository proved extremely valuable. “We push reports out to the business unit interview teams every week of the campaign,” Fast explained. “The reports combine interview times and dates from the schedule with candidate information from the checklist. The key to me is having everything in a central place. It’s all here. You can pull scheduling or applicant information out, run reports, or you need to do. That was a huge win for us.”

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