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Additional Applicant Information
Have you worked for the Technology department at Simmons before? If so, what was your job function and who was your supervisor? Approximate dates of employment?
Briefly describe why you are interested in joining the Simmons Technology Team:
Have you ever been involuntarily terminated from a job or asked to leave a job for performance-related reasons? If so, list employer, dates of employment, position held, and general circumstances around termination?
Position applying for:
Special Event Support (on-call)
Technology Assistant (part-time)
Technology Assistant (co-op)

Technical and Media Skills
Adobe Creative Suite Software use and support
Adobe Photoshop Use and support
Android Phone Use and support
AV setup/breakdown
Blackberry Use and support
Computer Display Troubleshooting (resolution refresh rate & screen dimension)
Configuring DVD/VCRs
Configuring external device display on TVs
Corporate/University Webmail Use and support
Creating PDFs
Data presentation troubleshooting
Dell Hardware Repair
Digital Still Camera Use
Digital video camera use
Digital Video Production
Digital Voice Recorder Use
FileMaker Pro Database Design use and support
IMAP Email configuration and support
iPhone Use and support
Laser Printer/Printing Use and support
Mac Hardware Repair
Mac Mail Use and support
Mac OS X Use and support
Macromedia and Dreamweaver use and support
MS Office 2007 Use and support
MS Office 2010 Use and support
MS Office for Mac 2008 Use and support
MS Office for Mac 2011 Use and support
MS Outlook Support
MS PowerPoint
Remote Computer Support
Scanner software and hardware use and support
SPSS/SAS/Minitab Use and Support
Thunderbird Use and support
TV Menu Configuration
Virus/Malware Removal
VPN Use and support
Windows 7 Use and support
Professional Skills
Ticket Tracking (IT Support Issues)
Writing documents for Technical Knowledge Base
Delivering Training to End-Users on Technology
Coordinating/Managing Small Projects
Organizing equipment/Reconciling Inventory
Dealing with Upset Customers
Delivering Service under Extreme Time Pressure
Dealing with executive/VIP customers
Supporting Students in an academic setting
Assisting customers with disabilities
Delivering 1-1 how-to demonstrations
Opening/Closing operations independently
Handling urgent/emergency customer requests
Checking equipment in/out to customers
Training/Mentoring co-workers
How many hours per week can you work on a consistent basis?

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