Thanks for your interest in volunteer opportunities at KEXP. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to public radio, meet other KEXP listeners and have a great time doing it!

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To become a KEXP volunteer, simply fill out and submit the form below with your contact information, interests and relevant experience noted. Any additional information you can provide reflecting your experience or education is welcome. Depending on what positions are available, you may hear from us immediately or will be contacted when an appropriate volunteer position opens up.

KEXP offers the following volunteer opportunities

Membership activities - answering phones and data entry during pledge drives and mailing premiums (day, evening and weekend opportunities)

Events - working the KEXP information table. (These take place in evenings and weekends.)

Office work - helping to answer phones or do light office duties (M-F daytime only)

Programming/Production - KEXP has a limited number of opportunities in dj assisting, audio production, and assisting in general programming duties. Because these are more involved, they are listed as internships. Please check out our internship page for these and other internship openings, and for instructions on how to apply.

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