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Upon approval, you will be given access to the "SELF SCHEDULE" calender. Then you choose a date and time for an interview.

Unless otherwise indicated or offered. All stadium hawkers and vendors, operate as independent contractors. You will be required to complete a federal form W-9.

We offer unique compensation rates that include commission and regular performance bonuses. Payroll is paid at the conclusion of each event. No need to wait for paychecks. This is the best way to compensate you for all that you do for our organization.

I look forward to speaking with you shortly!

Thank you,

Robert McPherson

Owner Operator

Game Time Vendors, Inc 

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* This application does not guarantee my employment.
* I am applying to offer my services as an Independent Contractor.
* If chosen to join the team, I will give the highest level of customer service possible to every fan.
* I will be respectful to all team members.
* I will always wear my super jumbo smile to the stadium. :-D

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