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Please review possible areas for work assignments and indicate your top choices below. Keep in mind that we give preference to volunteers with previous experience and flexible, open availability.  


HUB/BOX OFFICE Runs the nerve center of CIFF which is most attendees' first point of contact with the festival. Includes: answering questions and providing information to attendees and the public; assembling and distributing all purchased and Donors/Sponsors/Staff passes; selling passes and merchandise.  


POINTS NORTH Provides support to CIFF's unique professional development programs. Includes: setup and staffing of workshops, panels, and pitch sessions (set up seating, tables, and other needs, monitor doors, ensure professional atmosphere, break down afterwards). Points North shifts are 4 hours long; volunteers are required to work at least two shifts.  


SPECIAL EVENTS Creates the parties and receptions that help set CIFF apart. Includes: setup and staffing of receptions and parties (set up tables and decor, check passes at the door, make sure receptions run smoothly, break down events afterwards); helping to build art installations for our larger parties; assisting with lighting, projections, sound.

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STORYFORMS (VIRTUAL REALITY PROGRAMS) Help Facilitate the incredible virtual reality experiences at the Storyforms Barn on Winter Street in Rockland. Assist with checking in guests, crowd control, helping guests put on/take off VR headsets, and providing information about the Storyforms virtual reality projects.


TRANSPORTATION AND GUEST SERVICES Provides transportation and guest services to CIFF filmmakers, delegates, and other guests. Includes: driving CIFF van both locally and between area airports and CIFF (valid license and insurance required); assisting guests with questions as they arrive.


VENUES Staffs CIFF's four screening venues. Includes: checking passes, selling tickets, ensuring orderly admissions process, selling concessions and merchandise, answering any and all CIFF-related questions, keeping spaces tidy and welcoming.


YEAR-ROUND Provides support for our increasing suite of year-round programming, including the Cabin Fever micro film fest (Winter), the Camden/Tribeca Film Institute Retreat (June), the Summer Preview Party (July), and our monthly CIFF Selects screenings at the Camden Opera House.  

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