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We ask that volunteers sign up for 2 shifts at the same venue. You may also join other venue teams and pick up additional shifts at those venues. Only the venues that you have chosen will appear in your calendar


Please select the venue(s) where you would like to volunteer during the festival
4070 Vilas Hall (Cinematheque) (March 31 - April 2)
The Marquee at Union South (March 31 - April 2)
Chazen (March 31 - April 2)
The Barrymore Theater (March 30 - April 2)
Sundance Cinemas (March 31 - April 6)
How many shifts do you anticipate signing up for?

Volunteer Meetings and Information

1) Volunteer Orientation - Required 

We understand that your lives are busy, and March can be full of madness. However, attendance at one of the initial Volunteer Orientations and at least one Venue Orientation is required of all Festival volunteers. The first Orientation will serve as an introduction to the 2017 Wisconsin Film Festival. You will learn about our volunteer tasks and teams, and how to sign up for shifts on Shiftboard. New procedures and policies will be outlined, and staff members will answer questions and assist those who may have trouble registering with Shiftboard.

Please choose one:

Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 11am

4070 Vilas Hall (Cinematheque), 821 University Ave. Madison, Wi 53715


Sunday, March 5, 2016 at 1pm

4070 Vilas Hall (Cinematheque), 821 University Ave. Madison, Wi 53715


2) Venue Specific Training Sessions- Required – TBA, Week of March 19, 2017

Your second meeting will take place at the theater you've chosen as your primary venue. You will get a feel for the roles you'll be performing in the specific conditions of your venue.


If you are prevented from attending a Training Session due to circumstances beyond your control, please email to arrange to pick up your volunteer t-shirt and badge and important updates


Thank you for your interest!


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