Application: Registration Coordinator with Wellness Corporate Solutions

Location: All 50 States


Manage the flow of participants during health screening events. Position is on an as needed basis as events in your area are available. You will join the WCS national network as a W2 part-time employee.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • MUST be able to pass a Background Check and Drug Test
  • Friendly, professional demeanor
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Adherence to the dress code provided by WCS
  • Ability to maintain professionalism and composure in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively with participants of various cultures and backgrounds

Key Responsibilities:

  • Greet participants as they arrive in a friendly, professional manner
  • Adhere to the predetermined screening appointment schedule and manage appointments within the online scheduler.
  • Assist participants in completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Manage the flow of participants according to the appointment schedule
  • Direct participants to available screening stations


If you meet the minimum qualifications and would like to join our database, please submit your application. When there is an opportunity in your area, we will contact you to discuss availability.

Dress Code:

Collared white shirt and black pants worn in a professional manner with comfortable and clean closed-toe shoes with no visible tattoos/piercings (except single ear piercings).

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* I agree to allow WCS to perform a background check on me and am willing and able to pass both a background check and a drug test.
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We appreciate your time and interest in becoming a Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS) Wellness Representative!

WCS hires based on need. Should we have a health screening event OR training opportunity available in your area, you will be contacted.




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